Matteo, son of Andrea Bocelli, made a beautiful announcement: “Finally I can tell you”

Matteo, son of Andrea Bocelli, made a beautiful announcement: “Finally I can tell you”

Andrea’s son, Matteo Bocelli, revealed in an unprecedented way his future and career: he actually made an unexpected decision. That’s what it is and what the father’s reaction was.

The famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli symbolizes a real institution of our country. The heirs of the Tuscan artist are three: Amos and Matteo from marriage to Enrica Cinzati and Virginia, born in the second union with Veronica Berti. The eldest son seems quite far from following in his father’s footsteps: Amos actually studied at the University of Pisa and in 2018, graduated in aerospace engineering.

Little Virginia moved the whole world when she sang the famous Leonard Cohen song with her father ‘Thank God’. So the love of music at home and in the case of the second son, Matteo Bocelli, it has already become a job. The author of many songs and duets with his father, we recently saw him in Tim Summer Hits It also announced the arrival of an album. However, it seems that there is some interesting news regarding the future of the young artist that will lead him to a world completely different from the one he currently belongs to. That’s what it is and what Andrea’s reaction was.

Matteo Bocelli and the unexpected decision: Father Andrea’s reaction

The voice and talent of Matteo Bocelli is now well known even to people less passionate about music. His style is vaguely similar to that of an author I will leave with youbut with a more lively and fresh tone that recalls the same path taken by the three boys in Flight. Furthermore, the two are very similar and it is impossible not to think of young Andrea when he first appeared in Sanremo Festival in 1994. But the horizons widen for the young man who will soon appear as an actor in the film presented at the Cannes Film Festival: Three thousand years of longing.

An ambitious project directed by Academy Award-winning director George Miller. The boy also contributed to the recording of the film’s soundtrack and he himself considered the duplex collaboration an amazing experience he had never seen before. Ibn al-Fan also spoke in a recent interview about his father’s thinking about this new path he had just taken, and a temporary move away from the music scene to devote himself to cinema. For his part, there seems to be complete approbation and a lot of pride in the artistic choices of his second son, who always asks him for advice before making a decision.

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