“Alfonso Signorini is banned and suspended. He would have liked a different type of program.”

“Alfonso Signorini is banned and suspended. He would have liked a different type of program.”

“For years they ate us up with garbage. We got record ratings because people wanted garbage” is the opinion of the former protagonist of Gf Vip 7.

Eleanor Fairuzyamong the past champions of the seventh edition of Big Brother VIPThis was in an interview conducted with him on the radio as part of the radio program It won’t happen againHe had his opinion on the current version of the reality show, which recorded a clear decline in viewership during the second episode, with its average share reaching 16%.

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Rather disappointing are the ratings, which, at least so far, do not seem to reward the program’s new editorial lines.

“Decline in ratings? This is good for them. People don’t want to see this. No matter what they complain and say, they want to see rubbish and arguments. They want to see obscenities, and all the ‘ugliness’ they claimed to have seen ‘last year, they want this.’ So, don’t worry, the audience following Gf is medium to low. So you can’t turn a show that started out as garbage because it’s a reality show, if they want a culture show, they go and watch Quark or some other kind of stuff. Gf is that, it delivers that. If they wanted to change the dynamics they would never succeed. They did and in reality I know it’s not going well and it has to be worse. I have nothing against this year’s characters, in fact I know some of them…”

there Turquoise He commented on the latest edition and shared his personal thoughts on Alfonso Signorini Which, according to the showgirl, had to adapt to the new directions reluctantly.

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They wanted to exaggerate, so they chose the cast. They pushed and instigated exaggeration, and they wanted it all. So they don’t hide behind a finger because it doesn’t work that way. In fact, they did well for eight months, made money for eight months and then were told the casting was wrong. But for eight months things went well. And then, protecting some people who said the impossible and making others pay the price, including me. I and many others paid for everything and had to leave. They revealed my actions that they intentionally covered up to others because they needed to be on the inside. But I had to suffer the hatred of all of Italy.

“This program was born tired even before he left. Alfonso wanted much more as far as I know. I see him as too disciplined, too closed in language, not extroverted. Some of the things he emphasized were clearly something he said. “Because he has to say, But Alfonso wanted a completely different kind of program. Certainly quite similar to last year’s program. Alfonso is retarded, has a boss and must follow directions. “I love him so much that if I had not gone to him, I would always be grateful to him.”

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