Another brick against forgetting

Another brick against forgetting

There are those who believe that we are more a memory than the past. If so, the memory must be layered and filled with content like the one it was used to open The sixteenth edition of Bram!. With the hall full to overflowing, it was possible to enjoy the screening of “The Master Who Promised the Sea”, one of the box office phenomena of Catalan cinema in recent times and which succeeded in moistening the eyes of the viewers with the emotional story inspired through real events of the teacher Antoni Benigues, who was murdered by the Falangists. Shortly after Franco coup simply wanted to do his job: teach children and help them be better people in a secular and civic environment. A story against oblivion that defends families still searching for missing people in a civil war that has clearly not healed well.

Before the seminar with director Patricia Font and artistic director Josep Rosell, the president of the Castellar Cinema Club, Pere Joan Ventura, and the mayor, Ignasi Giménez, took it upon themselves to deliver opening remarks that underscore the weight that has already taken on the sample that reaches its sixteenth edition. Ventura, with his characteristic brevity, noted that this edition's program “has a good crop that seems to have come into its own” and described the program as “rounded.” He also highlighted the importance of the attendance of film professionals from Castelar del Valles year after year. “If all of us from Castellar, who do things for cinema, come together, we can make a movie,” he said, to the smiles of the audience. Finally, he wanted to emphasize the “global trend” we are witnessing regarding the inclusion of women in cinema, which indicates that this year’s edition will open with “a very successful film directed by a woman.”

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In turn, the mayor pointed out that “Since his birth, Bram! “She has developed and is now in full adolescence.” Let us remember the 16 years in which the municipality has organized this meeting for “Cinema with a Message.” In this sense, Jimenez pointed out to those present that “Bram!” It is a luxury we have as a municipality.” He pointed out that showing the film is not limited only to those who make it and those who can enjoy it as a viewer, but rather it becomes a reality through the parties that participate in making the program.

“The Master Who Promised the Sea” director, Patricia Font, shortly before the film was released || Q: Pascual

Before the screening, the director of “The Teacher Who Promised the Sea” asked for a film like hers to be proposed because “people want to see this story and empathize with the people who saw it reflected in his family history.” Families still searching for the remains of their children. “The Master has been around a lot but he hasn't opened the festival yet. We're very grateful to Kasteller,” Font said.

The night would have been complete had some sound issues not frightened viewers during the first hour of footage.

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