My Twingo battery after 15 thousand km

My Twingo battery after 15 thousand km

Twingo battery after 15,000 km: how much capacity is lost? Matteo, the engineer who owns the Renault City car, tells us about it with data in hand. And he has already shared his assessment of the transition to electricity. electric fi he answers. You can send your emails to the address [email protected].

Matteo graph released us battery capacity loss.

My Twingo battery lost 3.7%

“FifthI approximate the update with the graph of suh (y axis) from your Twingo device after approx 15,000 km (x axis). It seems that the predictions were completely fulfilled ( 3.7% after 14 months and 15,000 km). The degradation follows a linear ‘manual’ trend (confirmed by the practically unitary R correlation coefficient). I repeat that choosing this Twingo It was really spot on. Also because, thanks to the increases in the column, I made some considerations that make me travel Almost free. After the exasperation of doubling the prices, I decided to top up the house. However, with the cost billed per kWh, the savings will be significant. But I went further and invested the money I would have spent with flat rate in an additional file PV storage battery. Which, therefore, is loaded during the day in order to “unload” into the Twingo in the evening. But even without photovoltaics, recharging at home makes this city car the perfect choice for urban commuting. Meanwhile, with the first coupon, they replaced the steering box under warranty, which had a slight impact. Matthew Ciccarelli

Answer. As a good engineer, Mateo lets a graphic designer talk to him state of health (SOH), i.e. if the health status of your battery, in terms of residual capacity. Other readers have shared this fact in recent months, for example Henry after a year with him Tesla Model Y It’s statistical surveys for us, which allow us to gather data on one of the most controversial topics in electric mobility, which is battery life. Ergo: We thank everyone They’ll want to share SOH their car, write to [email protected]

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