Juventus and Lukaku are waiting for Chelsea: the worker Nkunku pushes Vlahovic to London | first page

Juventus and Lukaku are waiting for Chelsea: the worker Nkunku pushes Vlahovic to London |  first page

Monday’s contacts brought the parties together: Chelsea acknowledged Juventus were willing to cut to £30m plus £5 in bonuses, and the Blues knew they had to do more than the just over £20m sum so far on the table. But in terms of evaluating the modification that will be added to Romelu Lukaku’s card to reach Dusan Vlahovic, there is much less distance than in the initial skirmishes. After Monday’s mutual advances, Tuesday’s thought faded away. With Continassa realizing it was now up to Chelsea to step up. Also because if Lukaku is a big problem for the Blues, then Belgium’s Juventus is just a target (so to speak). MWhile selling Vlahovic is an opportunity to settle scores as well as to give Big Rom to Max Allegri: there is still a difference between a possibly unfulfilled goal and an (enormous) unsolved problem. Now that Chelsea’s problems are double, Vlahović’s solution looks more and more like the one that works for everyone.

NKUNKU OUT – Today’s news is in fact the decision to have surgery on Christophe Nkunku’s forehead, and she is set to remain in the pits for up to four months. It’s enough for Chelsea to understand that they can’t waste too much time And for Mauricio Pochettino he may need Vlahovic more than he expected. A severe blow to Chelsea, but it could be a decisive turning point in these dual negotiations.

But Doosan… Even if Vlahović’s planned Munich Blitzkrieg does not represent the best propaganda for the Serbs. There are no events in the market, Bayern is still in the background waiting to see if he will return to the Serbian or not, and in any case it will not exceed the 60 million valuation. But a specialist visit by Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, Last year, the German star already prepared remedies to treat Vlahović’s pubis. So doubts remain about his condition, after all they existed even before.

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