Ilary Blasi dines with Angelo Marozini, Francesco Totti’s cousin

Ilary Blasi dines with Angelo Marozini, Francesco Totti’s cousin

From Joan Cavalli

The TV presenter posted a video on Instagram in a restaurant with her family and with Angelo Marozini, cousin of the former footballer

Look out for the intruder, as in Puzzle week. Yes, because at first glance, Post your mini video on me Instagram From Ilary Blasey It sounds like the story of a classic Sunday out-of-town trip with the whole family (or almost): Naval Station PubIn Castelli, a set table, a candelabra in the center, lanterns on the ceiling, a lit fireplace, autumn leaf decorations, friends and relatives. But among the cheerful diners pouring wine, as well as his sister Sylvia, is Al Son-in-law of Ivan PeroshFor his uncle Stefano Serafini a Chanel And to little Isabel and her little cousins, here she comes in a black jacket and a beard, angelo marozini, Francesco Totti’s cousin, nephew Fiorella’s mother. A former loyalist of the Captain’s Magic Circle, whom Francesco has always considered a second brother, along with the real Riccardo. And he called affectionately sleepy. (“He says I sleep a lot, but what do I do if I don’t have anything to do with him?”).

Who is Angelo Marozini, Francesco Totti’s cousin

Kindergarten, elementary and middle school togetherBest Man on June 19, 2005 From Ara Coeli’s wedding live on Skythe wrestler tattooed himself on the arm after Scudetto in 2001. “At the age of 11,” he said one day, “if we give ourselves two pieces of pizza, it’s a foul from the ball, and then we hug.” Angelo in a rare interview. As for him, he recovered after a terrible accident that put him into a coma, Francesco in 2008 set the goal number 200. On the magical night in Berlin in 2006, with the World Cup in his arms, Totti wore an Angelo jersey. Marozini also owns 5 percent of Sporting Club TottiTeam Lungaren (90 from Ilary, the other five from his son-in-law, Ivan). They really connected. Now, apparently, not anymore. It is not difficult to understand who Angelou sided with, surprisingly, After a stormy breakup Between the protagonist and the presenter of Isola dei Famosi.

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Is Angelo Marozini the traitor Francesco Totti was talking about?

So it doesn’t take much to put two and two together. Recalling the rumors that circulated a while ago, right afterFarewell between Ilary and Francesco. When it was said that someone very dear to him, of that little circle of loved ones who always defended him, though he knew his wife did tailed by an investigatorHe wouldn’t warn him. When he found out, Eternal Yellow and Red would take it very badly, living it like a real betrayal. who do not forgive them. So, this person could, at a rough guess, just be a cousin Angelo Marozini. Obviously, he chose to “go to the enemy.” Assimilating into the Blassie clan, only he knows why.

Totti and Naomi

For the captain, a side resentment at the failure of his marriage after 17 years. matched with love Naomi Bocchi, which is going well. After, after The podium at the Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai She is wearing a black YSL with a big diamond On the finger estimated at 300 thousand euros – and the Desert trip with quad, the other day they were seen in a restaurant in Florence, nothing escapes social networks. He is now in Istanbul to close an investment in Aesthetic Medicine Center. Totti would be optimistic about the breakup: «It would cost me dearly, but now everything is settled with IlaryHe allegedly said last week to his teammates in the locker room after the eight-man football match Wiz and Rome. Your trusted attorney Antonio Conte, silently working to find an agreement to avoid a bloody trial. And he closed the war against Rolex bags.

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Who is the new partner of Elari Blasey?

Back to profile Mrs. Blasey InstagramThere’s another surprising detail in Elary’s castle selfie. Under her cream-colored sheepskin coat, the showgirl wears a white bodysuit with red, black, and yellow stripes. colors Germany. Maybe a silent greeting Handsome Bastian, German businessman from Frankfurtblond, tall and strong as a Viking, with whom he spent a romantic weekend, from Friday to Sunday, at the luxurious Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich. The two were intercepted and photographed for the pages of Che’s weekly, which had the headline: «Goodbye Totti, now there’s Bastien». Perhaps connecting better with her new boyfriend – aside from his absence with the family on Sundays – is that Ellary has begun to study English privately. She appeared with him, smiling and happy, all kisses and hugs. So far, she’s always managed to throw the paparazzi off the beaten track. More episodes are expected to follow.

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