Nina Muric talking and pulling Pelin in the middle


The Croatian model was having her say about the alleged triangle that could have starred Urtis, Corona and a woman

Giacomo Ortis The classic snowball that started to roll quickly turned into an avalanche. to me Big Brother VIP, The 44-year-old is of Sardinian descent (but was born in Caracas, Venezuela) and has allowed Sophie Codegoni to understand that he has long lived a love with Fabrizio Corona who, upon hearing the draft, mocked the web with an extension “my big love”. Urtis’ mysteries also included a third character, an elusive woman who, again from what was leaked, would take part in “The Triangle.” Immediately the floodlights were turned on Nina MuricCorona’s ex-wife. Through an interview with Dagospia, however, Nina denied that she was part of a threesome Belen Rodriguez, another famous former flame of the Milan entrepreneur.

Fabrizio Corona, Giacomo Ortis and the Triangle. Nina Muric speaks: “He was with Belen when …”

“I swear to my son that I am not the third wheel in this story. By that time I had already broken up with Fabrizio Corona, who was already with Belen Rodriguez … “. So from Moric to Dagospia who asked her about Urtis’s camel. Then the Croatian model spoke about the appointments for the organization of the alleged events narrated by the VIP surgeon. “I met Giacomo Ortis in Sardinia in 2005 – Nina pointed out. I was on vacation and had an accident at sea: a jellyfish bit me. On that occasion he introduced me as a beautician and dermatologist. At that time he was still straight and introduced me to his girlfriend.”.

Gateway Roberto D’Agostino then asked the woman a direct question, asking her if she had intimate relations with her ex-husband and Ortes at the same time. Also in this case there was a categorical denial: “But I can hardly handle one, let alone two! Then I got tired of the idea of ​​seeing Urtis and Fabrizio in bed…”. Ma Why did Givino tell such a story? What is real? Just a splurge? Here Nina came back to take out the name Belin…

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As long as we are together – highlighted -, Fabrizio didn’t even know Urtis. Yes, Giacomo had the desire to join him but they only became friends after December 2008, when we broke up and Fabrizio was already with Belen.” “So I can’t be the woman in the triangle.”Croatian model concluded.

At the moment, the Argentine showgirl, is already at the center of the rumors of a break with Antonino Spinalbes The paparazzi at the airport with ex-husband Stefano Di Martino, He preferred to remain silent and not to comment on the statements of Nina Muric, with whom there have been frictions in the past. The most recent event was over the Christmas holidays, when the Croatian accused Rodriguez of not behaving well with her son Carlos. But the young man denied his mother’s account.

It also remains to be seen if Urtis’s very loud statements become material to Alfonso Signorini: Will the GF’s first persona take on the problem in prime time in the upcoming episodes, or will he abandon it?

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