Temptation Island, production background after seeing Daniele break down a door

Temptation Island, production background after seeing Daniele break down a door

Daniele De Bussy during his adventure on Temptation Island destroyed a door in a fit of rage: here’s what the authors had to say next

Daniel DebussyDuring his adventure, Temptation Island He smashed the door in a fit of rage After watching a video of his girlfriend Victoria Eggedy in Benito.

Temptation Island, Daniele reveals the production’s reaction after they broke down the door

Shortly thereafter, the boy was rescued and his hand bandaged. DanielIn response to the followers’ curiosity about his experience in the village of feelings, after which he decided to leave his girlfriend, he admitted that after that gesture, he apologized for the production. But that’s not all because 33-year-old Roman revealed a funny background to what the authors responded to after he expressed his displeasure at being vented in this way:

“After responding like this, I apologized several times for the entire production, but they replied that they would have done worse.”

It is certainly not the first time that we have witnessed such reactions by couples who have often indulged in the same gestures in the past, destroying glasses and armchairs or throwing things. Behavior that now seems entirely appropriate to the boys who took part in the program in contrast to the girlfriends who usually shed heartbreaking tears with the other adventurous companions.

Daniel He tries to get through the difficult time after his story ended and he also admitted that it is not easy to cancel a relationship overnight. Meanwhile, he was spotted in the company of the former seductress Congrats! But he kept a certain secrecy regarding this matter

“So let’s start from the assumption that I haven’t done and won’t do anything secretly, because I don’t need to. I’m someone who always follows my heart and doesn’t care about anything else.”

we talk about victoryThe 33-year-old said:

“So far I’m really better, not 100 percent, but I’m on the right track to feel good because anyway four years and four months of dating can’t be forgotten overnight. Thanks again and love you all.”

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