Gastronomy | Japanese natto: a superfood that challenges cardiovascular diseases

Gastronomy |  Japanese natto: a superfood that challenges cardiovascular diseases

Eva Remolina

he 'natto' that it Fermented foods originate from Japanspecially made for Soy base. the Fermentation happens with With the help of bacteria Named “Bacillus subtilis natto”, Which converts soy proteins into amino acids and other beneficial compounds during the process.

the to prepare del nato one Literal process Which means Cooking and fermenting soybeans With the aforementioned bacteria. The end result is food with Distinctive strong flavour And sticky texture. Traditionally, Served with rice and miso soup Or other Japanese dishes.

Nutritional properties of natto

he natto Rich Basic food items Which offers a range of Benefits for cardiovascular health. Its notable nutritional properties include:

– Vitamin K2:NATO one Line Exceptionally good Of vitamin K2crucial for every family Metabolism Of calcium and this helps Preventing arterial calcification.

– Fiber: that it An important source of fibreWhich contributes to preservation Cholesterol levels In balanced blood and improves the health of the cardiovascular system.

– Proteins: constribte high quality proteins, Valuable for maintaining muscle mass and overall health.

– Beneficial enzymes: Produced by fermenting natto Useful enzymes Which improves digestion and absorption of nutrients.

How to incorporate natto into your diet

Although it exists Strange flavour Sticky texture, could be natto Incorporate it into the diet In multiple ways. It's possible Eat with riceOr add it to salads or even use it as a dish An ingredient in cooked dishes. Some people prefer to mix it with sauces or spices to enhance its flavor according to their own taste Personal preferences.

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in conclusion, natto It's more than just Japanese delicacy. that it Superfood That contribute Unique nutritional properties It has proven benefits, which is why it can be an interesting product to add to the diet of those looking to maintain good health. A naturally healthy heart.

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