She is the queen of hot motorcycles: the mysterious and ultra-sexy Italian drives motorcycle enthusiasts crazy

She is the queen of hot motorcycles: the mysterious and ultra-sexy Italian drives motorcycle enthusiasts crazy
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Pursuing a legend that shows no signs of losing its gravitas and permanence, and raising the bar for charm and dazzle to the limit, here is another sexy beauty ascended to the queen of motors.

How many have been there so far Beautiful And very sensitive slim Who made themselves noticed through the shots, gradually more and more, next to the beautiful pictures motorcycle? Here comes the new star.

Who is he about? A thick mystery seems to spread about her: but her mystery beauty, His way of presenting himself and, of course, the sensuality of his shots don’t leave much space for imagination. So?

its name Christine But, more than a little mysterious Shadows about his “autobiography”, the most obvious is his likeness beauty explosive and sensory, Curvy and captivating, he benefits from the strong relationship with motorcycle.

Thus, in a short time, the taking and mysterious Christine She really managed to make her way through the track often populated by women lining up on motorbikes sports And rumbling.

Christina, boom between moto and flash

So far, shot after shot, there are not a few who consider it the true new queen of motorcycles: one hot star, very hot, looking at some of her shots. and the motorcycle, There, to serve as a counter-altar.

Christina Muto Motorzoom
Christina Muto Motorzoom

More than a motorcycle, it would be more correct to say “motorcycle”. Yes, because the new mysterious and curvy Christina sexy starlet From our country, I love two wheels But in particular. whats that?

Just take a tour of the web, or his social networks, to search and find him, and thus understand what he is about. Just type in keywords, like Cristina and motorcycle, and lo and behold, Sexy, generous, captivating.

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And there, she: motorcycle, A boisterous beauty who shows no signs of losing, in turn, the wave of approval that accompanies it, just like a person in love. He takes pictures in his face loin.

Christina, what bikes do you love?

If you haven’t found a way to find out yet, we’ll let you know: we’re talking about it Yamaha R6which along with Honda CBR They seem to be the two bikes that Christina loves the most.


she, hot, temptation, And sensory In poses as provocative as some others, he literally makes many of his compatriots and non-beauty lovers lose their heads. Beautiful women and bikes.

With dark hair, eyes of the same color, and a slim but sculpted body around attractive curves, she is a classic woman with Mediterranean sea, the100 Italian%, and the model by occupation.

Although not much is known about her, the photos are enough to spark a frenzy on social media: she really is 113,000 registered fans to his profile Instagram, Where his love of motorcycles specifically ignites.

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