Vermouth time – Supersport

Vermouth time – Supersport

Returning home, I found a sign for a modern bar ostentatiously advertising its tapas menu. 'Vermouth timeHe promises in elegant handwriting, perhaps Budoni or Buckman, a size 72 or 74. Then he details the array of skewers and antipasti that accompany the wine on tap: Cantabrian anchovies, “Sorlotte Special No. 3” oysters, bravas, oxtail tacos, and octopus carpaccio with Kalamata mayonnaise; It's neither mayonnaise nor tapenade, but it sounds good at the time. Vermouth time. My subconscious turns “wine” into “wine” and from there For the film director whose last name is synonymous with anchovies, sea bream and tough sex. As I walk down the street, my thoughts get lost in the madness of puns. Vermouth, it's time.

Pandora's box was opened this morning. Three women revealed the unique connection between abuse of position, gender, and power that they attribute to the film director Carlos Vermouth, impeccable journalistic work, with complainants' sworn statements and the opportunity to explain themselves given to those referred to on up to three occasions. Each argument he presents in his defense is worse than the previous one, until the mother of all testimonies arrives. “Imagine I walk up to my house with someone and we're in bed or on the couch talking. I assume he has sexual intent,” says the director. There are sofas to demand.

So That's the problem, Carlos, you take it for granted. It is as if the unemployed in this country take a job for granted, nothing more than the methods of an employment office. Between taking the intention for granted and the agreement and acceptance of both parties there is a distance as long as the possibility of canceling the “Mantícora” manager in the short term. At the time of writing this article, Free streaming service RTVE has removed the song “Magical Girl” from its catalogue, Carlos Vermut's most famous film. Time moves and it's barbaric.

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Accusations of sexual violence against the director shocked Spanish cinema. Not out of ignorance, which seems to be what the whole world has known, known, suspected, and intuited; But because the rumor that what seemed to be an open secret has ended up occupying red carpets, first at Feroçs and, in a few weeks, probably, at Goyas.

In cinema and in show business, you have to go through the darkroom of various kinds to get a job, which is as old as Georges Méliès's “A Trip to the Moon.” From Gwyneth Paltrow to Charlize Theron, to name a few, contemporary actressesThe list of models who have revealed that they modeled or had sex in order to get a role or job in a tailor shop is long. Such is the career of directors and producers who continue to make films and collect awards after knowing what goes on behind the scenes while casting actors. From Roman Polanski to Harvey Weinstein. The whole world also knew, knew, suspected, and felt.

Until many knew and many remained silent, This fits the example of these three women. In professions exposed to the general public, they explain, at least, With the potential to highlight the tragedies of those who mistreat and inflict violence from positions of power. They imagine what must happen on the unknown tip of the iceberg, in those unknown social and professional spheres, alien to the glamor of red carpets, “special sorlotte” oysters and Kalamata mayonnaise. Who can cancel those who assume that talking on the couch conceals an intention other than talking on the couch? Let's see if the furniture is to blame now.

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