Mediaset, revelation about the mourning in these hours: He was only 43 | A real disgrace

Mediaset, revelation about the mourning in these hours: He was only 43 |  A real disgrace
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A famous person from the Mediaset group struggles with sudden death. Who are we talking about and what happened

when Death strikes suddenly It’s a real drama, especially when you’re so young. At Mediaset Studios, we are sorry for the loss of someone who was so young, only 43 years old.

The disappearance struck his tragedy. Who are we talking about? Let’s go and find out together.

Tears of mourning in Mediaset

Guests often cry in television studios, talking about their plays and their lives. Pains, grief and mourning that often cause feelings even in the hosts. Indeed, it is not uncommon, during a particularly poignant interview, to encounter the same conductor who allows himself to go to Tears of passion.

Which is what happened during the sympathizers storyline Valentine’s Day Persiathe host a very right, that moved beauty Silvia Tovanen. Valentina He narrated his drama f Lost which still today causes her much suffering, the suffering of her partner excludes, It happened prematurely in 2004 when he was just 43 years old.

The two were supposed to get married, and Valentina he claims: “Final love is not intermittent love, it lasts forever. You change your point of view.” He adds “I keep talking to him, I send him my prayers and I hope he will always be proud of me. I think your mom He may be, and will be, proud of you. It’s love anyway.”

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Silvia Tovanen’s affection

This last statement moved the landlady, Silvia TovanenWho could not hold back tears in remembrance loss of the mother It happened about two years ago. Then the comic encourages her to: “Excuse me if I’ll excuse myself, but I catch up with you a lot with my kids, on Saturdays and Sundays we’re always in touch and that’s great. Don’t be ashamed of those tears because Tears are part of love. I often cry, because crying is a dedication of love and I dedicate it not only to Salvo. It purifies the soul and it is nicer to smile afterward.”

The announcer, weeping, agrees, and fights tearfully to be able to resume the programme. Losing a mother is an insurmountable pain, and for some time a partner Pierre Silvio Berlusconi he had said Occurring every day: “It’s a terrible pain, I still can’t believe it doesn’t exist. When I think I’ll never see her again, it seems impossible. It was very difficult for me. missing him”.

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