Sell ​​patience to Wallapop

Sell ​​patience to Wallapop

I am selling a Wallapop electric guitar. In my defense, I'll say that I wasn't going to turn this space into an advertising wall (well, yes a little, since only thirty-two people saw the ad and the sale doesn't seem to be exactly booming). But for someone who is not familiar with the remote control market on the street, and has stopped playing console games and strollers because “we have half a storage room and the child has already left the house,” what is ultimately more worth considering is the stretcher and bargain. With other users to bargain the price, until there is nothing left.

With the first interested person, who asked me if the machine was still for sale, the platform automatically sent me a message protected by a sour apple face emoji. “What now?”, I thought. “You'd better not continue here. This person has broken the rules of coexistence. We suggest you do not respond to her instructions or communicate with her through means other than Wallapop, as it may be a scam,” the app warned me with a serious look. Well, we're good. But there the bullshit auction was just beginning. And I don't know how I ended up adopting the role of the guy who throws into the air that legendary phrase “someone who gives more?”, I actually started to resist replacing my guitar – which even though it was years and years ago I didn't even remember it was there, It will always be my guitar – for a sad lost twenty euro bill.

There are people who have ended up finding their taste in this platform for buying and selling used goods and have already added up to more than 4000 products sold from the screen of their mobile phones. Of course, that wouldn't be my case. Me, if I were pulling my hair out to sell an electric guitar (in very good condition, brand new), if I connected to the app twenty-five times every minute to check it, not now either, no one would want to pay the price, I find it hard to believe it could be Someone's hobby. But I've noticed two things: We buy things we don't know why we want them, and most of all, we have no intention of changing them.

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