The grandmother that not everyone knows

The grandmother that not everyone knows

The short lead time for invoices is triggered, when the error in customs estimate is attributed to the supplier company.

Paying bills related to energy consumption is one of the obligations that Italian consumers must meet. This is one of the most important challenges that Italian families have to face, especially in this period of an energy crisis in which prices have risen.

there energy crisis which Europe and Italy had already widely expected by the government at the end of 2021. For this reason, in fact, it was Elimination of economic support measures To deal with the difficulties that Italian families would have faced.

The situation, already critical, has suffered from a Further aggravated by the conflict in Ukraine.

The burden of paying bills Overloaded in case of modifications. We refer to those amounts mentioned by the electricity, gas and water companies in their bills Credit refunds.

A short recipe for electricity and gas bills

Companies that provide electricity, gas and water services are entitled to Edit to recover the amounts they owe them. The action is legitimate, according to the provisions of the law which also states: i fall out of time.

In many cases, the values ‚Äč‚Äčindicated on electricity, gas and water bills refer to the so-called assumed consumption, which must then be checked periodically. In this way, supplier companies can verify the correspondence between The estimated amount and actual quantity consumed by the customer.

in case there is The difference between the estimate and the depreciation resulting from the adjustment.

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Because any error in the invoice does not depend on the consumer, but on the supplier company Short Amendment statute of limitations (Compared to the normal who expects 10 years).

In this case, in fact, the law decided that the limit should begin after:

  • Two years In the case of balances received from 1 January 2019 for gas bills, from 1 March 2018 for electricity bills and from 1 January 2020 for water consumption bills.
  • 5 years For balances sent before the above dates.

The modernity that not everyone knows

The novelty was introduced by Resolution No. 97 of 2018, according to which Energy, Networks and Environment Regulatory Authority The provisions of the 2018 budget law have been implemented.

In essence, the power of ARERA i . reduced Prescription period from 5 to 2 years For balances of electricity, gas and water bills, Without stipulating retroactive effect.

Private prescription after Two years applicable to consumers and small enterprises, With less than 10 employees or a budget of less than 2 million euros. For all other users, however, the Five-year prescription.

Thus, all bills were received from utilities with a delay of 2 or 5 years They don’t have to pay.

It must be remembered that the limitation period is interrupted in the case of Warning by the lender of service.

This has to happen By registered mail Or by certified email (if the recipient is a business, professional, or VAT number). Upon receipt of the registered letter, The limitation period starts working again. It is understood that the consumer has the potential object within 40 days From the notification, reporting the abuse to the antitrust authority.

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