Torrella is building a new ship for Fluidra in Sant Feliu de Buixaleu

Torrella is building a new ship for Fluidra in Sant Feliu de Buixaleu

Terrace Company Torella Engineering and Architecture He was involved in building one New ship in Sant Feliu de Buixaleu (La Selva) is owned by the real estate developer Logically Which will occupy Fluidraa multinational company operating in the swimming pools and wellness sector headquartered in San Cugat del Valles.

CBC Construcción, which served as general contractor, trusted Torrella to carry out the project. Egarenc Engineering and Architectural Consulting Studio was responsible for the project Executive projectthe Work direction that day Direction of work executionhe Project to obtain permits (The vessel is equipped to house hazardous materials and complies with Seveso safety regulations) and Consulting for BREEAM Sustainability Certification Very good.

The property is built on a plot of land of 23,500 square meters, of which 15,900 square meters is occupied by a logistics warehouse and another 400 square meters is allocated to offices. It was designed specifically for the end user, Fluidra, with the aim of centralizing its inventory and improving the delivery service of its products to customers in southern European countries. It has 20 charging bases, 181 photovoltaic panels have been installed providing a total capacity of close to 100 kilowatts maximum, and four electric vehicle charging points have been arranged outside.

At the same time, the company from Terrasse was responsible for the project and construction management of a logistics platform also in Sant Feliu de Buixaleu that was recently completed and built by the French entomology company Catella Logistics Europe I was sold to Noveena leading global investment firm that manages diversified assets for clients around the world.

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In this case, the construction company Cubic Beg was responsible for the construction under the delegated upgrade method.

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