Freeze the room in one minute

Freeze the room in one minute

Did you know you can make an air conditioner for 50 cents? The room cools down in a minute! Let’s find out how to make this cheap and effective air conditioner.

Homemade air conditioner –

It takes very little to Build an air conditioner capable of refrigeration The room quickly and efficiently. You need some tools that are easy to find and you can spend less than 50 cents, which is really a small cost compared to the usefulness of this item. Let’s find out what you need and how to make an air conditioner in no time.

What is needed to make the air conditioner

The materials you need to make this air conditioner can be easily found at home, in fact it is all about recycling Things you no longer need. You need the following items:

air conditioner
Conditioner –
  • a plastic container with a lid;
  • a roll of cardboard, the kind that remains once you run out of toilet paper;
  • Three pieces of pipe
  • categorical
  • flowmaster pen
  • tube of glue;
  • Khartoum;
  • insulating tape
  • plastic bottle
  • scissors.

After you have a file All items on hand To make an air conditioner, here is the procedure for making it, which is quite simple to tell the truth.

How to proceed

HVAC building Cheap and easy in a short timeHere’s what you need to do:

  • Using a toilet paper roll, draw 3 circles on the plastic container;
  • cut out the circles with the cutter, so that they remain blank;
  • Once you have the three holes, insert the first piece of tube into one and seal the edges with glue;
  • Do the same procedure with the other two pieces of piping, being careful to seal the edges well.
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at this point Take the hose And the rest at the end opposite point to where the previous tubes were inserted. Trace the diameter drawing with a marker and remove the inner plastic part with a cutter. On the end of the hose, wrap some electrical tape and insert it into the hole you just made. Also seal these edges with glue to prevent air from escaping.

Take one plastic bottle Empty, Cut it in half and you’re good to go With scissors the part with the cap. Make two holes opposite each other with an awl, then remove the cap and connect the nozzle to the hose, from the side that remains free. Seal the spout with electrical tape, and wrap it in two turns to prevent it from unraveling.

using plastic tape, attach the bottle to the fan, Insert it into the two slots Which you were practicing and stopped by lock. Cut off the excess parts of the tape that are useless. now Conditioner ready To get it working, here’s what you need to do.

plastic bottle
Plastic bottle- Imilanesi.nanopress.t

How to operate the air conditioner

And make it work This is a cheap air conditioner Made with your own hands, you must first of all put ice in the plastic container. Fill it more than half full and put the lid on, closing it well. Now all you have to do is plug it in and turn on the fanYou will feel cool air blowing through the room.

That’s right, the snow in the plastic tray, with the power of the fan, will blow cold air into the room, and you’ll feel cold like that Produced by Real Conditioner. The air from the fan will be cooled with ice and you will be able to make use of it in the places where you decide to install this device.

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As you can see, making a device of this type without having to buy it is very simple, just a little ingenuity and ingenuity, It will save you a lot of money. Made easy, just grab the necessary supplies and it’s done. The procedure is also simple and you do not need to be a professional, so do it yourself.

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