Serena Karela disappears from social networking sites: “I will explain why …”

Serena Karela disappears from social networking sites: “I will explain why …”

Serena Karella, who reached the Amici 2022 finals, was highly appreciated by the public and very popular on social networks, but disappeared for a few days. Here is his interpretation after the concern of the masses.

Passionate about dancing since childhood, Serena Carella entered the Amici school thanks to Raimundo Todaro, who chose her to be part of his team last September, giving her a great opportunity. In fact, Serena managed to show her talent, even reaching the final. The audience was also excited by his love story for Albe, one of the most beloved singers of this version. But right after the show, Serena disappeared from social media, alienating everyone.

Serena Karella admits: “That’s it all explained …”

Serena Karella was among the undisputed champions of the 21st edition of Amici. It was an intense journey, full of emotions, and also marked by the presence of his beloved Albee. Raimundo Todaro also accompanied her on this trip which, after last words of appreciation and affection for her. Her fans follow her a lot on social media, in fact within a few months Serena has already reached a huge number of followers. But in the last few days the dancer decided to take a break.

After many messages from users who wanted to know what had happened to her, Serena decided to break the silence and explain what had happened to her: “It took me a while to realize everything I’ve been through in the past eight months, and I can hardly believe it. It was an absurd journey, I still I struggle to find the right words to describe what I felt and what I’m trying”

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A storm of emotions for a very young dancer, who finds herself having to deal with the fame she has garnered thanks to Amici 21, a talent that has truly changed her life. Moreover, during the final, Serena was awarded a scholarship, worth one year, in one of the most prestigious schools in the world. This is the Ailey School of New York. A massive opportunity that will give Serena the opportunity to grow and improve even more: “I started this journey in disbelief and full of dreams. Today I find myself with a New York scholarship and baggage full of experiences, smiles and emotions.”

The dancer then thanked everyone, including Maria de Filippi, the mentor for all the students of the school, as well as all her companions who made the experience even more wonderful.

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