An Odyssey in the Desert, Migrant Routes between Mexico and the United States

An Odyssey in the Desert, Migrant Routes between Mexico and the United States

And it ends next Monday, unless there are surprises of a judicial nature, the era of Section 42, and the administration has applied the law to prevent the entry of immigrants for health security reasons. trump At the height of the pandemic and Biden continued it, at least for now. The president’s decision to lift the ban was not painless. Republican criticism can be expected, but Biden’s selection also split the Democratic Front: some ruling party members did, in fact, express skepticism about the chance of an inevitable surge in flows ahead of the midterm elections. He is particularly upset with Democrats seeking re-election in those states where the battle with conservatives is most intense. The administration expects that with the removal of Address 42, approximately eighteen thousand people will attempt to cross the border each day.

Texas and Mexico border

border between United State And Mexico It is a place of cruel beauty and tragic despair. The barrier built over the years that Trump desperately desires covers less than a third of the border from Texas to the Pacific Ocean, California. Specifically in California, in San Diego County, we walked down a portion of the path that illegal immigrants use to try to escape the border guards. Even in recent months the desert of the Jakumba Mountains has killed hundreds of people, the wrath of the elements has been wrought by the migrants, whose bodies have often not been found. We are accompanied by Dulce Garcia, Executive Director of the humanitarian organization Border Angels. The “Border Angels” leave cans of water, food, and clothing along border corridors for use by migrants. Dolce arrived in the United States as a child, and despite the difficulties she faced, she managed to become a lawyer specializing in immigrant rights. He told us, “The last thing I remember about Mexico, is the smugglers’ guns, which are targeting us to steal everything from us.”

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