Amazon, immediate and sudden shutdown: there was nothing to be done

Amazon, immediate and sudden shutdown: there was nothing to be done

Amazon announced the immediate and sudden closure of the service. There was nothing to be done: the reasons for the giant’s decision.

There are many innovations launched by Amazon in recent years, as the e-commerce giant decided to expand all of its services. However, Redmond has now suddenly announced the immediate and sudden closure of a service for which nothing could have been done.

Amazon immediately closed one service –

One of the largest and most influential technology companies in the world and capable of providing a wide range of services in various sectors. As with any business, when launching a service, it is also necessary to consider whether it is effective and able to engage all users. Among the most famous services of the Redmond giant we find certainly AWS, the cloud service available to users. But advantages Those who have signed up for a Prime subscription It doesn’t end here.

In fact, Amazon has launched itself for many years into the world of video streaming with Prime Video and music with Prime Music. This gives users access to an endless catalog of content such as TV series, movies, and music. However, not all Amazon services are fully appreciated by Internet users. Very few people remember the launch Amp, Amazon’s Android and iOS app for aspiring DJs And radio presenters. At these hours the sudden shutdown of the service arrived.

Amazon, Immediate Shutdown: Goodbye Amp

Amp is an app from Amazon for all Android and iOS users who dream of becoming a DJ or radio presenter. The Redmond giant’s goal was to reinvent radio as a social switch. Furthermore, talk about the service began as early as 2021, even if the specific name at the time was Project Mic. The launch took place during the pandemic Amazon’s hope was precisely to exploit the pandemic bubble to make the service go viral.

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Reasons for Amazon closing the service –

In short, Amazon tried to exploit the same effect that Clubhouse had during the pandemic. However, Amp never took off, not even for a moment, and failed to make room for itself among social media platforms. In fact, just like other social networks, Amp allowed users to live streamAllowing you to interact with the audience by listening to music. In these hours, Amazon had also revealed the reason for its decision to completely shut down its new platform.

This was revealed by Steve Boom, head of the project, who stressed that the decision was not made quickly and easily. The reason behind the closure will be specifically Failure to achieve the success that was hoped to be achieved Platform. In fact, even aspiring DJs or radio presenters have chosen other, more popular social networks. What’s certain is that Amazon’s Amp has recently ceased to exist, as the Redmond giant has officially decided to move on.

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