It’s identical to the Alfa Romeo Tonale but costs half the price: this new Fiat SUV will conquer all Italians, what a bomb

It’s identical to the Alfa Romeo Tonale but costs half the price: this new Fiat SUV will conquer all Italians, what a bomb

Fiat’s new SUV based on the Tonale is expected to sell at a bargain price, having beaten the competition

Collaboration between automotive brands allows them to share technologies, platforms and components, reducing development and production costs. This leads to economies of scale and improved overall profitability. Furthermore, synergies allow access to different markets and leverage specific skills, encouraging innovation. This strategy increases the efficiency and competitiveness of the sector, creating a benefit for both automobile manufacturers and consumers through a greater range of vehicles offered at more competitive prices.

The new Fiat SUV based on the Alfa Tonale ( –

Thanks to the synergies within the Stellantis Group, Fiat will be able to produce its own SUVs based on the experience gained by the technical designers with the recently presented Alfa Romeo Tonale. It is clear that the future SUV from Turin will be aimed at those who do not want to spend more than 30 thousand euros from the Tonale, without wanting to give up the space and comfort that this type of modern segment offers. . From this philosophy, the Fiat project was born, which we will now discover in detail.

Fiat will launch the new Pulse SUV in Italy at a starting price of 20,000 euros

In Europe, it is only known by most car enthusiasts, however in South America it is one of the most popular and best-selling cars on the continent. We are talking about Pulse, an SUV that was launched on the Brazilian market in 2021. Fiat has invested heavily in the Brazilian market and in Fiat Pulse has been a key element of the company’s strategy To compete in the compact SUV segment in Brazil.

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New Fiat Pulse
Fiat launches the Pulse SUV at a price of 20 thousand euros ( –

In 2024, the popular SUV will benefit from Important technological upgrade, which will also include improvements regarding engines. In fact, to keep up with the times, it will be equipped with a mild hybrid system thanks to a 48-volt electric generator, in order to reduce polluting emissions and fuel consumption. Scenery The need in the Old Continent for economical SUVs But also efficient and environmentally friendly, the Stellantis Group saw fit to migrate its beloved Pulse, now the Pulse hybrid, to Europe as well, given the huge demand this sector attracts.

The starting mechanism will be small 1.0 liter 3 cylinder turbo with 125 hpWith a CVT automatic transmission and the aforementioned 48-volt system. Total torque guaranteed will be 250Nm, which is excellent for moving SUVs with agility in our urban centres. Other engines will follow, e.g Firefly 1.3 liter, 110 horsepower And also a copy Abarth 185 hp. As for the dimensions, the length should be about 4.10 meters, with a wheelbase of about 2 and a half meters. The price promises to be very competitive, with Prices start from around 20 thousand euros For the basic version, it then grows with increasing trim levels selected.

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