The Bold and the Beautiful, airing tomorrow, Thursday, October 26, 2023: Ridge returns home with Taylor, Brooke reacts

The Bold and the Beautiful, airing tomorrow, Thursday, October 26, 2023: Ridge returns home with Taylor, Brooke reacts

here they are Beautiful previews For Thursday, October 26, 2023: Ridge Forrester returns to Los Angeles and heads to Brock for a showdown. What will he tell her?

The Bold and the Beautiful Preview: Brooke is worried about Ridge’s return

Brooke removed Deacon from the house She clearly stated that she no longer wanted to have anything to do with him. Logan was certainly frank with both Sharpe and her daughter, stressing that she did not want to stir up more conflict with her husband. However, Brock has not yet been able to contact Mr. Forrester. The designer was so busy organizing his return home and was distracted by the kiss he shared with Taylor, he didn’t hear the phone ring.

Ridge returns with Taylor by his side, how will Brooke react?

Brooke is anxious and anxiously awaits her husband’s return from Monte Carlo, which will happen soon…but with a surprise. Once reunited, Brooke and Ridge begin discussing what happened at Finn’s houseand Ridge’s discomfort with the photo Hope posted depicting the girl, Brooke, and Deacon in the Forrester offices is still evident.

Homecoming Ridge and Taylor It was unusually intense. Their kiss still lingers in their minds, a moment that could change everything. Especially edge, the designer is unable to forget the overwhelming feelings she felt at that moment and breaking up with Taylor seems unimaginable. That’s why he decided to return to Villa Forrester with… Taylor At his side. How will Brock take it?

When is The Bold and the Beautiful released and where to watch it

Every day, around 1.40 pm, the popular TV series is broadcast on Canale 5 Beautiful. Historical and long-running American soap operas have captured attention for years with their complex plots centered around them Forrester Creations, a prestigious fashion house, and the complex relationships between the Forrester, Spencer, Logan and Spectra dynasties. Tomorrow, Thursday, October 26, is your time for a new episode, broadcast at 1:40 pm on Canale 5. The beautiful, exciting American series, which tells the story of a family’s ups and downs. Forresterhas been a staple of Italian television since 4 June 1990, when it first appeared on Rai 2, and later, as of 5 April 1994, on Canale 5.

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