AstroWired: Space Illustrated – When Seen (Science Fiction).

AstroWired: Space Illustrated – When Seen (Science Fiction).

Come here Rock paintings in the caves of Lascaux and Altamirawhich represent stylized animal battles that who knows if a prehistoric painter had actually seen, all the way to the gigantic society of The medalthe art has Exposed worlds Parallel to us.

today is Imaginary power From the wonderful illustrations they are being exploited by the largest space agencies and are ready for recruitment Artist conceptand designers and illustrators to talk about our extraspheric projects and, often, to offer suggestions to technicians, scientists and scientists. Applicable scenarios: Not surprisingly, Chris Van Allsburg, is an author and illustrator among others Jumanji And polar expressYou work for NASA with a purpose Inspiring younger generations.

In Jpl, i.e. in Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA’s creative team of visual strategists led by David Delgado, known as… studiocreated the poster series titled Visions of the future. Nine artists, designers and illustrators were involved in designing the fourteen posters, the product of many posters Brainstorming With scientists, engineers and communications From Jpl. Each label underwent a series of reviews and each label was improved through feedback from laboratory experts.

The European Space Agency does the same, even publishing a 48-page document, with a clear title Innovative technologies from science fiction to space applications. What about the wonderful images that have graced the Soviet program since the beginning of the space race? One volume is not enough to accommodate them all, and in fact, there are many books.

However, it is our time that has revealed something that even the remotest corners of science fiction novels could not have imagined: Mid-flight. Elon Musk himself, who is not exactly a fan of artificial intelligence, in a recent interview with journalist Tucker Carlson, expressed his admiration and amazement at the work of… Mid-flighta program that, thanks to artificial intelligence, creates perfect images starting from text input.

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