Shut down the national electricity service, what will happen if we don’t switch to a free market? Power outages and penalties, the truth

Shut down the national electricity service, what will happen if we don’t switch to a free market?  Power outages and penalties, the truth

Shutting down the national electricity service, do you know what is happening? It is better to inform yourself, because the situation may get out of control.

What’s going on and Why are we talking about shutting down the national electricity service? But that’s a good thing. Recently, changes have become increasingly important and sudden, and today we are faced with how the situation could soon get out of control. And also because the question arises spontaneously and is asked directly by customers: Will we remain without electricity? Back to candlelight! Aside from sarcasm, here is the truth and analysis of what is happening.

News of the National Electricity Service –

The idea of ​​remaining without electricity and returning to life as it was in the past is ridiculous. But what we are about to reveal may be the beginning of a radical change. Electricity is an essential commodity, because without it living with modern conveniences would be impossible. The presence of light even in times of darkness, keeping warm when temperatures drop, and the availability of hot water and working meters. It seems obvious, but without it no human would be able to survive.

In short, there are situations and situations, and this situation comes to the fore. What is good to know is what we are about to explain It’s not just about electricity, it’s also about gas supply. So, eyes and ears wide open, there are big changes ahead.

Closing the national electricity service? The truth is out

We confirm that Electrical energy is the survival of modern man, as fire was to prehistoric man. Without the latter it would not have been able to survive and, above all, would not have been able to develop to this day. So, what gives new life to this moment of great change? To announce everything it is Resolution No. 362/2023 of the AuthorityAnd he mentions the same news that we are about to explain.

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Here’s what to watch out for ENEL –

In 2024, the national electricity service will stop working for domestic consumers, but it’s not just that. Because there are many deceptions surrounding this formulation, the goal is to address them by revealing the truth of the facts.. So, what should we expect? The date that marks the end and beginning of the new electricity path is April 1, 2024. From this moment, users of domestic electricity and gas supplies who are still in the protected market will stop coming from here, and will move to the free market.

The main difference is that If ARERA previously set prices every quarter, this will not be the case from now on. In fact, from that date onwards, the individual manager will also decide the price based on the cost trend of raw materials in international markets. It is a source of savings because The client is the one who chooses the manager From the invoice according to your needs.

What is the trick? It is said that those who do not switch to the free market remain without supplies. We are here to show that this is a lie! We will not be left without electricity But a temporary service will take care of the problem with a tariff that is halfway between the two systems, namely Placet. And it will be like this until the transition to a free market is completed.

Finally, here they are Classes that remain in the protected system They are: those who have reached the age of 75, those entitled to a social allowance due to economic difficulties, and people with disabilities subject to Law No. 10. 104/1992. This also includes those living on smaller islands, those living in emergency facilities, and those using life-saving therapeutic medical equipment.

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