This is what he did during the death of Maurizio Costanzo

This is what he did during the death of Maurizio Costanzo

Despite the terrible moment she went through, María de Felipe still wanted to help the couple realize their dream of love.

Maria DevilipiAccording to an anonymous sender, He proved once again that he is extremely selfless.

Maria de Felipe and the touching gesture

you know, you have an e-mail Often we willingly move forward Romantic marriage proposals. But not so long ago, There was another which took place at the historic Saturday night broadcast studio Canal 5 which we could not attend. In fact, this time the protagonists are not those who write to Marie de Philippi, but one of the people who work in editing the programme.

The fact that this happened with the cameras was announced by an unknown person who sent a message to journalist David Maggio, so that everyone could fully understand the “type of woman” that the presenter is:

One of its historical members on the editorial board of C’è Posta per TeAnd Veronica Di Spiritoindeed it is Journalist’s girlfriend well known, Frederick Ruffothe frontman of Mi Manda Ray 3. Ruffo decides to ask her to marry him, and pulls off a massive surprise with a video showing her while he’s at work.

and again:

Just in the hours Costanzo diedDespite the dire situation, Maria wanted to help him carry out his marriage proposal Productions were authorized to prepare a massive surprise hit at the You Have Got Mail studio.

So, Di Spirito would have been summoned by De Felipe to take part in the “lighting tests”, and she would have been seated on the famous couches, after which the video would have begun with the proposal of marriage, “complete with a sudden exit from the groom”. And the unknown who will work in one of the contracts adds:

One of the most romantic things we’ve seen in this studio. There were animated people everywhere, and the video editing Ruffo did is something that should be shown in a cinema. I hope you can get the video and give this news, because The heart Mary showed at such a moment (But also the beauty of the whole scene) Something the audience should know, so that they know that the picture presented is very wrong.

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