Antonio Zequila is ready for another reality show

Antonio Zequila is ready for another reality show

The former outcast of this year’s edition of Isola dei Famosi, one of the first to be eliminated, announced that he was approached by Alfonso Signorini to participate in the seventh edition of the Big Brother Vip: “Maybe I’ll go home for the next edition that starts in September.”

Antonio Zequila He was one of the first contestants to leave .’s reality showFamous Island this year. Antonio is a veteran of this type of reality show because it’s not the first time he’s been on Al Jazeera, but it seems like it wasn’t the only call he’s received in recent months on reality shows. In fact, the actor revealed that he was also contacted through a movie production big brother vip In the past few months. A rumor that has been talked about in recent months, even persistently, and this day only Zekela He wanted to comment by issuing his statement to Superguidatv:

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Yes, this is correct. Call me Alfonso Signorini In November [2021, ndr]. I was supposed to enter Big Brother’s VIP house in December. They needed someone like me who could create dynamics because at that moment the reality show was a bit static. Then they were allowed in Valeria Marini and Giacomo Ortis Which brought some fun to the house.

Zykela, during the interview, also wanted to emphasize the special relationship he had with her Alfonso Signorini Who has the advantage? Saved from depressionAs Zykela says:

I had just lost my father, Giovanni, and he had supported me.

Will Zykela Join Gf in September?

The Island of the Famous: Antonio Zequila is ready for another reality show

Zekela He added that since entering the house big brother vip Faded in recent months, he will almost certainly be able to enter the most spying house in Italy which is located in Cinecitta In September, exactly when the seventh edition begins:

I’ll probably go home in the next release starting in September.

In short, Antonio He leaves behind his recent island experience and is already thinking about the future. An experience on the island, though short, was not entirely happy for Antonio:

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On Celebrity Island, you were one of the most criticized people. But it had to happen because I was one of the most famous people. Those who speak ill of me are all rookie boys. When I was doing film and TV, they weren’t even born.

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