Jessica Selassie’s Shocking Confession / “I spend 100,000 euros a month and…”

Jessica Selassie’s Shocking Confession / “I spend 100,000 euros a month and…”

Jessica Selassie It makes the web angry about his lifestyle. Jessica was on the show “Recanza” And in the presentation segment he revealed how much money he spent in a month. Thus, Givina spoke of spending 100,000 euros a month. But not only. The princess also told that she had moved alone to an apartment in Rome overlooking Piazza di Spagna, one of the hottest places in the capital. Housing paid for by her parents who, until then, kept the princess with all her extravagant habits. The 27-year-old on the MTV reality show has shown in a video clip herself in the car with the driver, carefree while having an aperitif with her friends. “I’m Jessica, I’m the granddaughter of the last emperor of Ethiopia, so I’m a princess”, confirmed. “I have never taken public transport in Italy and I think I will never take it. It is more convenient to have a driver waiting for you when you go shopping, so if you have heels, your feet will not hurt either”, I need Jessica.

A lifestyle he might be able to continue to maintain with the future legacy that awaits him, or even with a portion of the money earned thanks to his stay on the Signorini reality show. But today Jessica looks like a different person and her use of money may have changed, too. Jessica was a friend in Riccanza, while on GF Vip she was always very low profile, although she always indicated her noble position. At Casa a Signorini, she also admitted in tears to a difficult past, when her parents were struggling with economic hardship and were barely able to support her and the rest of the family.

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GF VIP, Jessica Selassiè and the comparison to her sister Lulu: “She’s more successful than me”

A few days ago, Jessica Selassie expressed her intention give up Big Brother VIP. The young woman said: “I’m not excited to be here, I’m not excited. Love, there are so many women and only one man came in. No rewards coming for me, I’ve lost interest. I already had doubts that I wanted to leave. But it’s not for a man, it’s impulse, no I’m excited again. […] Maybe I’m making the comparison because I went with Aldo and Soleil. That is, after three months … the warmth of the audience is no longer there. When I went to the studio I did not feel the warmth from the audience, it seems that here they warm the bed. I’m honest. Clarissa wasn’t in the studio tonight, I don’t know if I wanted to stay.”

Jessica Selassie realized that the audience did not like them at home: “Maybe at home they don’t like me, I had this perception. I was saved from the nomination against Patrizia only because she’s been here for two weeks. When we went to the studio, Sully had a warmth I didn’t have, but three months later I was waiting for someone to reach out.” I have no fans, those in the studio clap their hands just because they had to, and I feel useless, I serve only to cook.[…] Lulu is more successful than me, now I feel tacky and useless, I didn’t speak to the audience, did they ever talk about me in the episode? Never, I just look like someone who cooks and plays the victim and the villain. Have you ever seen any clips about me? never”. A statement similar to Clarissa’s, recently deleted statement, which complained about the lack of consideration by the program’s authors.

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