The Beatles: A new song will be released, everything you need to know

The Beatles: A new song will be released, everything you need to know

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New Beatles song? It’s all true. Paul McCartney managed to give one last track to Lennon fans.

In 1994, Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, presented McCartney with several of the late singer-songwriter’s demo recordings. The tape included Lennon’s love song “Now and Then”. But McCartney also said he worries about how AI will be used in the future, given its ability to perform tricks such as replacing a singer’s voice with someone else’s. “It’s all kind of scary,” she said.

what is he talking about

McCartney says he realized technology could offer a new opportunity to work on music after watching Peter Jackson Revival of archival materials for get backHis documentary about the band.

Paul did not provide details of what he says is the last Beatles record, about to come out decades after Lennon was shot and killed in December 1980.

he is called “Now and laterwhich is a demo of a song recorded by John Lennon in 1980. It was recorded on cassette tape on a portable stereo At his home in The Dakota, New York City The year before his death on December 9, 1980. This means that “every now and then” It’s not a Beatles song, Rather, it is an unfinished song from John Lennon’s solo career. Its notoriety is mainly due to the fact that it is possibly one of the last unreleased songs recorded by John Lennon.

New Beatles song

More than four decades after his death, John Lennon was singing again with the Beatles. Well sort of. Paul McCartney reveals an unreleased recording of Lennon’s “Now and Then” It will be published in 2023 As a kind of digital song for The Beatles reunion. And although a demo of this song has existed since 1980, machine learning technology will be used to create a new version of the track as New Beatles song.

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The Beatles announced a new song
The Beatles’ new song “Now and Then” – Photo Ansa

We just finished, and it will be released this yearLennon’s former bandmate McCartney said. It would be “the last Beatles album”.

If you imagine McCartney sitting at a keyboard and saying a gpt chat’, singing John Lennon’s line, ‘That’s not what happened. instead of, Original materials were used From a recording made by Lennon before his death in 1980.

They were able to take John Lennon’s voice and make it pure through artificial intelligence, so they could mix the record.

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