June 6, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Charlene from Monaco is beautiful and smiling at her first official pairing event with Gabriella

The Princess and her daughter attended Monte Carlo Fashion Week together

Charlene has always been a fan of fashion and it seems her passion has passed on to her daughter, Gabriella. After all, the little girl surely also inherited the impeccable flair and elegance of Grandma Grace Kelly, the undisputed style icon. Indeed, the little girl, in her floral dress, stands confidently, smiling and excitedly while with her mother, the award is given to the designer Abd Al-Ramiza.

Even Prince Albert, who took advantage of the mother-daughter social event to bring Jack to the stadium for a charity match, is proud of his women and celebrates with them with several social snaps. Charlene, returning from a turbulent period from a health point of view (and rumored, also from an emotional state) for once appears calm, smiling and bright while enjoying the evening with the baby. The wicked may think that the reason for great and unusual joy is the separation from her husband …

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