“Skip It All” – Libero Quotidiano

“Skip It All” – Libero Quotidiano
Francesco Friedla

The bomb arrives Hi Darwinthe historical program of Paul Bonolis Who has been a ratings champion for years, was signed by Davide Maggio (one of the most reliable journalists in television). From his website comes the news: “Salta Ciao Darwin”. The Missing program has been on TV since 2019 and is very much loved by audiences of all ages. “For now it will be ‘supported’ in next fall’s schedule,” says David Maggio. Then he goes into the details and says, “The The reason for the postponement will normally economicdue to high transportation costs.

Just a few days ago mediaset He announced that he intended to deploy heavy artillery against San Remo. How do? By not suspending programs that will interfere with Rai1 and the Amadeus Festival. According to Davide Maggio, in short, the spending review could have also affected Alfa: for this reason, a TV gem such as Hi Darwin He was going to jump. Or better slide.

How will the public take it? What would the great Paulo Bonolis say? He, the undisputed legend of Italian television, has recently become a very hot guy and enjoyed his Christmas holidays in America (where his son and ex-wife live). Meanwhile, Mediaset and Bonolis announced the new episodes of yet anotherA pre-evening shape, a game you see paired with stainless steel Luca Laurenti. Always a friend. The indispensable sidekick to those TV gags that the general public loves so much. However, in the fall, Hi Darwin He must come back. It is best to use the conditional, because everything can change at any moment.

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