They are real work

They are real work

Those who have long dreamed of riding a major brand’s motorcycle can now rejoice: there are many models available for a modest fee. Let’s find out which ones.

A used motorcycle must certainly be studied in detail so as not to run the risk of a bogus deal. So we must slow down reading the characteristics and maybe try to understand if the owner allows you to get in the saddle to get to know yourself and understand if it is right for us or not. So let’s consider three models presented by “”, which are on sale and have the right requirements to give a dream to those who have always wanted a motorcycle of important brands, without spending a lot of money.

The first bike is one Honda CB5 500. This car has a two-cylinder engine, which pushes from 4000 rpm and is very smooth in terms of horsepower. Since the weight is low, the bike is very easy to handle and therefore easy to drive, move and park. For those who are perhaps less accustomed to saddles, in this case it will be the best option to move without difficulty and fear in traffic. The leash is slightly raised, so it allows you to maintain the float position. The brakes are good and the suspension is also under control, but being cheaper it can suffer with fast driving. The passenger seat is less comfortable because it is less cushioned, but it does not disturb discrete movements.

To check for rust that could be forming on the body, dashboard, radiator and muffler. You should also look at the paint work and the electrical system that dehumidifies. Finally, watch out for commenting. The shock absorber only goes 40,000 km, but it can start to feel the impacts even after 25,000 km. The price fluctuates between 1000 and 2600 euros.

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Three used dream bikes for around 1,000 euros: the models

The second suggestion is the same Kawasaki ER-5. The highlight of this motorcycle model is undoubtedly the engine. In keeping with their branding, they are actually very strong and powerful. However, excess punch can cause a jerk in the middle. The bike is not very heavy, so even when cornering and in traffic there are no problems. Consumption is low. The brake and drum condition can stop. Controls must be operated with decisions to avoid acceleration out of control. Suspension is cheap, so the rear shocks can fail easily. To check if the motor is due to some metallic noises as well as the bearings. The muffler must also be managed because it is sensitive to fork and rust, which can improve performance with oil. The price is still very favorable: it starts at From 800 to 1800 euros.

Three unmissable motorcycles used in the saddle (ANSA) – ballbreaker

Finally, the third proposed model is A Suzuki GS500. A very durable type of motorcycle, which generally does not hide problems. It’s also easy to ride, thanks to the low saddle and very little weight. It is one of the most convenient prototypes for locating corners and getting around town. The gearbox has to be kept in place, which can get a little sloppy and it must also be taken into account that the space for the passenger is reduced compared to other models. To check clutch and oil consumption. Timing is also a factor to consider: the chain should be changed every 50,000 km. Same goes for the swingarm, manifolds and various struts with regard to rust. The price goes From 700 to 2100 euros.

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