Ornella Vanoni sinks Mara Venier “Che zocc **a!” The situation has deteriorated

Ornella Vanoni sinks Mara Venier “Che zocc **a!”  The situation has deteriorated

Ornella Vanoni vs. Mara Venier: The singer’s words froze the audience and the announcer

Ornella Vanioni goes down hard Mara Venier accuses. during an episode of Sunday in Who was a guest, the singer did not spare herself: “What a whore!” told the host. Accusation or joke?

The Rai 1 container has been manufactured by Mara Venier for years. Viewers bonded with her sympathy and wouldn’t replace her with anyone else in the world. The program is one of the most followed programs by Raifor 14 years, and recently started the new episode of episodes.

There will be one of the first guests in the studio Stefania MatuzziAnd the Alessandra’s sister, the woman who was murdered by his ex-partner in Bologna out of jealousy. With her, Viner will talk about the issue of violence against women, which is a topic very dear to her because it is also It was the hostess herself Victim of abuse and threats by ex. A difficult topic to assimilate, but one that must be taken up at all.

We’ll see later too Loretta Goji, deejay of the Summer Celebrity Hits this summer just passed; and then Alberto Matanoa wonderful friend of the host and newly married, Andrea Sanino And the Franco Ricciardi.

Ornella Vanioni

The new season of the program is very interesting, but Mara Vinier already has other commitments waiting for her: on September 9 she will receive the award Diva Arena from Verona by his friend Carlo Conte. In the beautiful environment of Verona Arena, the presenter will accept the award. This is an opportunity to promote new episodes of his show.

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Ornella Vanioni, your words amaze

Sunday in One of the most famous programs, and the recipe for its success includes the skill of its host. Mara Vinier is always attentive to the guests, friendly and “humane”. These characteristics make her one of the most popular band leaders that the audience is looking for natural and honest.

Ornella Vanoni’s episode was supposed to be like many others, but something unexpected happened: The singer accused the presenter of being a “whore”.. But what really happened?

Ornella Vanioni

Along with Patti Bravo, there was talk of Fanoni’s alleged affair with Franco Califano. “I know you always denied that anything happened between the two of you, but thereor watched extensivelyVenere annoyed her, trying to get her out of confession. The singer’s response was not long: “Well when you have a man in front of you you always look at him like that. Then if I had loved Franco I would have said so, but I didn’t. Would you do it? “

The audience burst into laughter, Finner nodded his head. “Yeah sure? What a f***” Then said Fanioni with a smile. A joke between friends that does not hide any insult except from the one who created it Beautiful Mess He lives.

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