Harry, the shocking background to Elizabeth’s last moments: ‘The Queen was dying and they…’

Harry, the shocking background to Elizabeth’s last moments: ‘The Queen was dying and they…’

Harry’s anger does not subside. Now the prince returns to a hot topic, which is the subject of the last hours of Queen Elizabeth’s life.

The duke makes the royals shudder, who, according to rumors, are tired of having to put up with his scathing verses. It is rumored that Carlo may take action this time around.

Prince William’s story: “The Queen died and they…” (Ilovetrading.it)

Book version shootHarry’s autobiographical story raises a lot of controversy. The facts told by the duke make readers and family members turn up their noses, and they seem to have lost patience. Even if Charles, Camilla, William and Kate They chose the path of diplomacy and decided to keep silent about what Harry announced, the climate in the palace is rumored to be particularly tense.

Harry recently spoke about his grandmother, particularly the last hours of Queen Elizabeth’s life, his grandmother. “The day she died, there was a really horrified reaction from my family members. They were on the sidelines and then the briefings and mindless guidance and advice. I was like, ‘We’re here to celebrate Grandma’s life and mourn her loss, can we be together as a family?’” I was sitting there. And I ask to be together as a family, not as an institution.”

Harry reveals an anecdote about the death of Queen Elizabeth

Then he declared again: “I can understand that it is difficult for them to separate the two things, but at that moment I had hoped to see a family rather than an institution and instead it was not. I should not have been surprised, for I did not know of my grandmother’s death like the rest.” I found out about everything from the media and it was very bad.”

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“They warned me it wasn’t OK. So I tried to get to them to fly with them to Scotland. But I wasn’t invited on the plane they were on. The plane they were on had enough space for everyone, but within two hours the whole family was flying Without me, so I took a scheduled trip.”

Prince Harry
Prince William’s story: “The Queen died and they…” (Ilovetrading.it)

Harry reveals: “My wife was really banished so she’s not…”

The duke then went on to explain, “My wife was really forbidden and therefore could not attend. When I arrived I learned of the death of my grandmother from the articles. Then I entered the hall and my aunt was there to greet me.” He asked me if I wanted to see her. I thought about it for a few seconds. He was in his bedroom. I was really happy for her. Because she completed her life and her husband was waiting for her. They are both resting together today.”

These latest revelations have thrown more fuel on the fire, and it appears that the situation between Harry and his family has become increasingly hostile. Despite the good intentions of Carlo, who has evidently chosen the path of diplomacy, the climate with his son seems more difficult.

Members Royal They lose hope of ever being able to see them again calm, content and happy in the presence of the other. For years now, it seems that their relationship is inevitably at risk, and who knows if in the future they will be able to make peace.

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