Texas law prohibits almost all abortions

This could still be prevented by the U.S. Supreme Court, which hastily seized on Monday by defenders of the right to abortion.

Contrary to its practice, the High Court, which has a firm majority of conservative judges, did not rule before the date the text came into force at midnight.

Without waiting for his end, President Joe Biden hated a law Serious, To the rules Shame on you, And promised To protect Women’s right to abortion.

Text, Signed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott in May, Which prevents the pregnancy from stopping any pregnancy once the fetal heartbeat is detected, six weeks after the last menstrual period, most women do not even know they are pregnant.

The law, which is part of the Conservative countries’ attack on the right to abortion, does not make an exception in case of rape or sexual assault, but only if the health of the pregnant woman is affected.

Family planning organizations in the state report that more than 85% of abortions in Texas so far occur after six weeks of pregnancy.

I woke up sad, worried, stunnedAmy Hoxstrom Miller, director of the organization, told a news conference The health of the whole woman, Which operates four clinics in Texas.

One of them, in Ford Worth, had an abortion until 11:56pm local time on Tuesday night, but some patients had to stop staying in the waiting room.

The doctors cried and asked me: “What can we do for them?”

A quote:Amy Hawkstrom Miller, Director of Whole Female Health DL System

Patients fear, confusion, anger, Said Vanessa Rodriguez, who oversees call centers Planned Parenting In Texas. We do everything we can to help them (…) We are looking for dates in Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico.

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Henceforth, Millions of people have been cut off from access to almost all abortions. The impact is immediate and devastatingThe powerful organization defending the rights of the ACLU responded to its role.

The inaction of the court A disaster for women in Texas, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, condemned on Twitter A serious law.

Stimulating the condemnation of citizens

Prior to Texas, twelve states, including Louisiana, passed legislation banning abortions when fetal heart rate was observed. These laws were all there Invalid in court, Because they violate the law of the Supreme Court, which recognized the right to abortion until the fetus is not possible, i.e. at 22 weeks of pregnancy.

However, Texas has stated its law differently: Enforcement of this measure is not by the authorities, but Exclusively Citizens are encouraged to file a civil complaint against companies or individuals who assist women in performing abortions.

The text states that citizens who start the procedure will receive at least $ 10,000 Compensation Critics of the text see it as A if guilt is proven Primary For condemnation, but its defenders have already set out to file forms on the Internet Anonymous information.

For practical reasons, this device makes it very difficult for federal courts to intervene, which so far has refused to help against the law.

Critics of the text therefore had to go directly to the Supreme Court. Contrary to its practice, the High Court did not intervene in a timely manner to prevent the text from coming into force.

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That That doesn’t mean Ro C’s decision. Wade, Law Professor Steve Wildeck underscored the court’s iconic ruling of 1973, which recognized women’s right to abortion. But there is a deadline A bad omen of what awaits us in the future in this case or another, Adds education.

Former President Donald Trump radically changed the High Court, Is summoning three of the nine magistrates. Their visit encouraged the abortion protesters, who then competed in the imagination to give the Supreme Court a chance to change its jurisprudence.

She has already sent them encouraging signals: this fall, she has agreed to reconsider a Mississippi law banning most abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy, pointing out that she may go back on the test. The reliability of the fetus Showed so far.

Almost half a century against Rowe. Wade said the right to abortion has strongly divided the United States, there is strong opposition to abortion in religious circles, and it is a powerful tool for mobilizing voters on the right.

According to an NBC poll released Wednesday, 54% of Americans believe abortion should be legal in most cases and 42% illegal.

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