Ukraine war, live coverage – three hypersonic missiles over Odessa: they hit a hotel. Dragons are on a mission to the United States to meet Biden

Ukraine war, live coverage – three hypersonic missiles over Odessa: they hit a hotel.  Dragons are on a mission to the United States to meet Biden

Aiea asks to be allowed to inspect Zaporizhzhzia

“at nuclear power plant from ZaporizhiaIn Ukraine, there are more than 30 thousand kilograms of enriched uranium, plutonium and plutonium Aiea He does not have access to the factory to check the condition of this material. We are in contact with the Russian experts and the Russian government, which controls the plant, and I said that they should ensure access to our site inspectors. Then I spoke with President Volodymyr Zelensky and asked the parties to be able to organize a mission to check that everything is in order. ”This was said by Rafael Mariano Grossidirector of the AIEA (International Atomic Agency).

France: “Oil embargo agreement soon”

there France optimistic about achieving a an agreement among the member states ofEuropean Union On the Russian oil embargo project, currently banned by Hungary, Viktor Orban. Speaking before speakers at LCI, France’s Minister of State for European Affairs, Clément Bonn, said it was possible to reach an agreement “within the week”. I think there might be a deal this week, and we’ve been working on it nonstop. “It is undoubtedly a matter of days,” added the representative of the French presidency of the European Union.

German Minister Barbock visits Bocha

German Foreign Minister Annala Barbuk it’s Buchaone of the symbolic places for massacres of civilians carried out by Moscow in Ukraine.

Kyiv: another 100 civilians in Azovstal

“In addition to armyin shelters, strength At least 100 civilians. However, this does not reduce the intensity of attacks by passengers. Heavy artillery and aircraft continued to bombard the facility throughout the day. Attempts to break into the ground still fail. ” This was stated by the advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryoshenko On Telegram, citing Ukrinform, about the situation at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol.

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“The bodies of 44 civilians are under the rubble in Izium.”

Corpses 44 civilians Found under the rubble of a building in isiumIn the Kharkiv region, western Ukraine. This was announced by the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleg SenegubovOn Telegram, according to reports from the Ukrainian agency UNIAN. In the temporarily occupied city of Izyum, the bodies of 44 civilians were found under the rubble of a five-storey building destroyed by the occupiers in the first decade of March. This is yet another horrific war crime by the Russian occupiers against civilians.

Russian bombing in the Sumy region

Shelling From the Russian army late yesterday evening on the territory Novoslopod And Foruzbean in the area Sumi, in northeastern Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the Regional State Administration Dmytro Zyvitsky, citing Okranska Pravda, stating that there will be no casualties and rescuers are assessing the damage.

007 UK: “Russia’s quick victory failed due to mistakes”

there “disparaging” by Russia of Ukrainian residency and planning decision for the “best case scenario” led to “proof Operational failure Which prevented President Putin from announcing an important event military success In Ukraine ‘on the occasion of yesterday’s Victory Parade.’ The UK MoD highlighted this in the latest intelligence update posted on Twitter. The Russian invasion plan ‘was likely based onwrong assumption That they would encounter limited resistance and that they could have quickly encircled and circumvented the populated centers,” the intelligence explains, adding that “this assumption prompted the Russian forces to attempt to carry out the first phase of the operation with a clear and precise intent.” When you reach a quick victory at the lowest cost.” But precisely, this “miscalculation – to his conclusion – led to it.” unbearable losses And the consequent decrease in Russian operational focus.”

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Kyiv: “Russian attack on Azovstal”

Russian forces lead “Attacks” in steel mill Azovstal from MariupolHundreds of Ukrainian fighters continue to resist under attack. This was stated by the Ministry of Defense in Kyiv, the BBC reported. Adviser to the Mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andryushenko, he said that the Russian army began besieging the factory after a UN convoy left the Donetsk region. The Russians tried to blow up a bridge used to evacuationHe explained, to prevent the last remaining fighters inside.

The United Nations: 3,381 civilians have been confirmed dead

Office of the High Commissioner for United nations Human Rights confirmed the death 3381 civilians 3,680 were wounded in the all-out Russian war against Ukraine that began on February 24. However, the organization notes that i The real numbers are much higher“Because information from some places where intense hostilities are taking place has been delayed and because many reports of civilian casualties have yet to be confirmed.

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