The Tarbena fire devours 800 hectares and forces the evacuation of 180 people

The Tarbena fire devours 800 hectares and forces the evacuation of 180 people

to'Forest fires Announced today on Serra del Ferrerbetween two Tarbena (Marina Baixa) and Welcome (Marina Alta) has so far burned about 800 hectares, and preliminary investigations indicate that the source of the fire is an agricultural burn that has gotten out of control.

In statements to the media following the meeting of the Integrated Operations Coordination Center (SECOPI), the representative of the Spanish government, Pilar BernabeShe stated that the forecast for tonight is encouraging, because the conditions will be favorable for extinguishing businesses. Minister of Justice and Interior, Elisa NunezHe stressed that although weather conditions will be suitable during the night, “we must be careful and wait.”

BernabĂ© indicated that about 180 people were in a number of homes spread across the municipalities of Tarbena and Barsent and in a neighboring colony, adding that it “may cause some material damage,” in the absence of confirmation. At this time, there are no plans for further evacuations.

The Red Cross set up a temporary hostel for affected people at Casa de Cultura de TĂ rbena, with an initial capacity of fifty places, and mobilized eight people, including collection volunteers, a chief of operations, a distribution manager, an English/French translator and a psychologist.

The fire, which started around 12.20 in a complex, mountainous area with a large amount of forest mass, is progressing rapidly and has forced the establishment of Mode 2 of the Special Plan for Forest Fires (PEIF) and the cutting of access via the roads CV-715 and CV-752 to the fire area, as well as access from Barcent in the north and Bulola in the south, as indicated by the State Emergency Coordination Centre.

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In this sense, Nunez asked the neighbors to try not to move to see the fire, since the road is a bit narrow and it is necessary that the vehicles operating throughout the night that will still be able to move and carry do their work with as much safety and peace of mind as possible.

Bernabé explained that during the night, 126 members of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) will work to extinguish the fires, and during tomorrow morning more members will be added, bringing the total number to 200.

They were joined in the fire missions by ten units of the Alicante Regional Fire Fighting Federation, seven units of forest firefighters from the state of Generalitat, a fire prevention unit and firefighters from Murcia, in addition to six air means and two FOCA aircraft from the state of Alicante. The Spanish Ministry of Environmental Transition and Demographic Challenge, which will be withdrawn overnight.

It is the circumstance, according to the Emergency Coordination Center of the General State, that the pre-emergency level due to the danger of wildfires for today was low and medium throughout the Valencian Region. However, the state weather agency determined there was a very high risk in the area where the fire was declared.

The fire danger for tomorrow is high across the region, so burning agricultural produce is prohibited. In this sense, the origin of the fire indicates uncontrollable agricultural burning. Yesterday another fire was announced in CamĂ­ vell de Gata, near the Hiura Valley, between the towns of XĂ bia and Gata de Gorgos (Marina Alta), which, according to the first hypotheses, was also caused by uncontrolled agricultural scrub.

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