A former local councilor accused of threatening and coercing Marta Farris has been acquitted

A former local councilor accused of threatening and coercing Marta Farris has been acquitted

The expelled advisor from the Sabadell government, Jesus Rodriguez– He did not threaten or hate the mayor, Marta Knight. Or at least it can't be tried. The ruling of the Investigative Court No. 2, which the diaries reviewed, acquits the former deputy mayor. It is believed that there are not sufficient indicators to prove that he committed violence against Fares, after he learned that he would not be on the lists of the Supreme Political Council in the recent municipal elections.

Crisis in government It took place on March 20, 2023, that is, two months before the elections. Mayor Rodriguez was expelled from the local executive and condemned for “blackmail” with “False allegations“. As Farris explained, the chancellor became angry after he was informed that he would not run on socialist lists. He asked to “fix” the situation with “money”, and since he refused, there was a strong argument. The thesis is “not sufficiently supported,” confirms the judge in charge of the case, Isabel Pratt.

Jesús Rodriguez and Marta Varez, in a security meeting before the executive power crisis (archive) / F. Castillo

From the first moment, the consultant maintained that the mayor's version was so It's clearly falsethat he was “defamed” and that the CEO was fired after he sent an email questioning the city council's management of the cleaning and waste collection company. samatsa.

In this email, the former consultant referred to a series of “irregularities” related to the rise in the cost of service in relation to the CPI, the number of sweepers and changes in container washing, which meant an increase in the company’s balance sheet by 550,000 euros. Accusations made by both the government and municipal technicians They flatly denied the newspaper. The arbitrator did not adjudicate these claims and considered that they would have to be assessed “in the appropriate administrative process”.

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“Disagreement, tension and disagreement”

The judge believes that the accounts of one and the other are “contradictory” and that there is not sufficient evidence to prove the truth of what Farris narrated. the “Disagreement, tension and disagreement“And it was between the two in an atmosphere.”Twitching“It is not enough to attribute a criminal offense. As for the email that Rodriguez sent – which the mayor presented as evidence of coercion – she believes it is a sign of “resentment and indignation, not a threat.”

Vice Mayor Jesus RodriguezVice Mayor Jesus Rodriguez

Former Deputy Mayor Jesús Rodriguez at a municipal meeting / LLUÍS FRANCO

However, the judge did not rule out that Rodriguez was “unpleasant or rude” during the discussion and that Farris suffered an anxiety attack, as she and other witnesses reported in court. One of them is the first deputy mayor, Paul Guibertwho stated that Fares was “confused and shaken” after the encounter.

Jesus Rodriguez confirmed in statements to the newspaper that the ruling shows that the Peace and Security Council carried out a “political cleansing process.” The city's mayor, Marta Varez, will not make statements about this matter and will appeal to the Barcelona court, as municipal sources indicated to the Diary newspaper.

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