Northeast America | Ida’s remnants cause hurricanes, floods and rain

(New York) It rained at night in New York from Wednesday to Thursday as the remnants of the hurricane passed. Ida, Which killed seven people in South America and caused hurricanes and flooding in the Northeast.

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Impressive hurricanes were seen in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, where a 19-year-old died and another was missing after a building flooded.Ida Seven dead.

In Annapolis, about fifty kilometers from Washington, D.C., the weather event caused trees to be uprooted and power poles knocked down.

Photo by Susan Walsh, attached pressure

In Annapolis, about fifty miles[50 km]from Washington, D.C., a hurricane uprooted trees and knocked down power poles.

Several cities, including New York and Philadelphia, have been issued hurricane warnings by the National Weather Service (NWS).

“This is a particularly dangerous situation. If you are in a hurricane warning area please cover up,” NWS Mount Holly tweeted Wednesday.

“Get shelter now. Flying debris is dangerous for those without shelter,” NYC tweeted New York City Emergency Communications Project Notify.

It rained in the economic and cultural capital of the United States, where the NWS tweeted several videos of flooded streets in the metropolitan cities of Brooklyn and Queens, making traffic impossible. Many roads have been cut, NYC reported.

Heavy rain and wind blew in Westchester County, New York, flooding the foundations of several homes in a matter of minutes.

Surreal display

A surreal scene unfolded on the flushing lawn, where it rained on a well-closed tennis court, interrupting the second round match of the US Open between Kevin Anderson of South Africa and Diego Swartzman of Argentina. Water went into all four corners of the hall’s retractable roof, set in 2018 to hold matches accurately even if it rains.

Photo by Frank Franklin II, Related Pressure

At 10:30 p.m., Newark Airport, one of the city’s three airports, also tweeted that “all flights are currently suspended”. By the end of August, New York and its environs were already devastated by Hurricane Henry. Bad weather ended prematurely, given the big concert at Central Park on August 21, which marks a return to a more festive life after the Corona virus outbreak.

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In New Jersey, which has been hit by heavy rains, Governor Bill Murphy has declared a state of emergency.

Hurricane Ida, Was downgraded to a post-tropical hurricane, followed by heavy rains that caused extensive flooding on the east coast of the United States.

“Post-tropical cyclone Ida Widespread heavy rains and flash floods could pose a dangerous hazard in and around its path, ”the National Hurricane Center said.

Ida Then head north and head to New England on Thursday.

President Joe Biden leaves for Louisiana on Friday, where there will be hurricanes Ida, Caused landslides there on Sunday, destroyed several buildings and lost electricity to more than a million homes.

Hurricanes are a recurring phenomenon in the southern United States. But scientists warn that warming of the ocean surface could help make storms more powerful.

In particular, they pose an increasingly significant risk to coastal communities affected by tidal surges caused by rising sea levels.

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