How To Find the Right Wiper Blade Size for 2017 Toyota Camry

Like other vehicles, your 2017 Toyota Camry is built with precise specifications. Everything from its headlight assemblies to the windshield wipers requires exact measurements. So when you’re shopping for 2017 Toyota Camry wiper blades, you’ll need to know what size to buy. Your Camry uses two different sized wipers – 26 inches on the driver’s side and 18 inches on the passenger’s side.

If you’re new to vehicle ownership, you may find the difference in blade sizes a little strange. This is by deliberate design. Many manufacturers craft the driver’s side wiper arm longer than the passenger’s, namely if the arm pivot points are skewed more to the left side. The wipers clean the windshield without hanging off the edge of the glass, hitting the windshield molding or colliding with each other. And now that you know more about Camry wiper blade sizes, let’s take a look at wiper replacement and upkeep.

How Do You know Its Time To Change Your Wipers?

Your wipers must clear the windshield through rain, snow, ice and other conditions. And naturally, that usage brings wear and tear. The last thing you want to do is push your wiper blades to their limits. You’ll experience reduced visibility, but you could also risk damaging your windshield by scratching it with exposed metal on the blades. With that said, you should regularly check for some telltale signs that your blades require replacement:

  • Cracked, stiff or torn rubber edges
  • Exposed metal, sometimes with rust or corrosion
  • Squeaking or chattering across the windshield
  • Dirt, streaks or debris left behind
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After you get your new blades home, you can swap out your old ones. Learning how to change wiper blades is simple – the process only takes about five minutes and you need no extra tools. Lift up your wiper arms, unpack your blades and follow these easy steps:

  • Rotate each wiper blade until it’s perpendicular to the wiper arm.
  • Press the release tab and pull the old blade downward.
  • Turn the old blade until it’s parallel to the arm again.
  • Slide the blade over and off the wiper arm hook.
  • Guide the new blade onto and over the arm hook.
  • Push the new blade into the arm’s slot until it clicks into place.

Should You Also Replace Your Wiper Fluid?

While replacing your Toyota Camry wiper blades, you may also wonder if you need to change your wiper fluid. Most experts suggest checking your washer fluid reservoir every month. It doesn’t hurt to peek at it more often during heavy rainy or snowy periods. You should refill the reservoir when it’s at or below ¼ full. Also, opt for washer fluid over regular water. Wiper fluid contains cleaning agents plus other compounds that prevent it from freezing in severe cold.

You have many options when it comes to wiper blades and washer fluid. No matter what you buy, it’s wise to choose a trustworthy aftermarket auto parts retailer. You’ll not only get a great selection, but you can also benefit from its staff’s know-how and advice.

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