“At the same time, it was born to strengthen the base, not to expand it.”

“At the same time, it was born to strengthen the base, not to expand it.”

It is the founding event, not the electoral event, that is to be seen today at Barcelona's Boras Theater. At the same time, the party he heads Clara Ponsati I Jordi Grubera, took the seats in the venue twice to give his presentation, planned before the election was called. A law aimed at building the foundations of a long-term project, which they hinted would not disappear: “No matter what happens in the elections” (the latest poll of Jessup gives them 1.8% of the vote). It is a work intended to outline an ideology, a method, to chart a long-term vision, but it was also inevitably an electoral work, with a short-term point of view – and the speakers on stage were candidates on the political scene. Charts, including Flora Saura, Broadcaster (#83). An election event, in which Joel Juan added doses of humor (“I am the arrogant man in Catalonia after Jordi Graupera”, “Ponsati has the biggest ovaries in Catalonia”), humor that was already there “Trailer · The late Julia Ojeda, coming from the pro-left For independence (“In language, even the CUP is backing down, but in reality, the CUP is backing down in everything. I had to make that joke”), Anna Ponsuda (“After staying with a divorced man with three children, being part of Alhora “It's the craziest idea I've ever had.”) and Jordi Grubera (“After winning the elections in Barcelona. Oh, sorry, that was the speech”). At the same time it is a party in which many academics and university professors participate, and it has been noticed that Even in jokes and speeches.

The most insightful, long-sighted part was offered by Clara Ponsati in the final minutes of her fifteen-minute speech, in which she explained that Catalonia needed democratic rearmament for the coming years: “And I'm not talking about that.” About expanding the base but strengthening it.” This hardline base, according to Ponsati, should be the one to lead the popular revolution and make the country ungovernable if it does not have its approval. The idea of ​​toughness, the difficult task (“Independence is not impossible, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. But independence is difficult”), was repeated throughout the short hour of action. They want to avoid criticism from their rivals, who accuse them of promoting the false idea that independence is easy. Today they keep repeating that it is possible, and difficult. The second idea expressed by Ponsati is that one must rely on the violence of the opponent, but that it is not worth exaggerating, and that the problem at the moment is of a civil rather than a military nature. This does not prevent the necessity of searching for “ways and forces of resistance that are more permanent than those that appeared on October 1.”

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And in the meantime? Be clear that any action (from education to transport) the country needs must take into account the conflict with Spain and the current elites in Catalonia, who do not want things to move. “Our politicians hate conflict, which is why they manage things worse.” Ponsati has used strong images and words (there is talk of the Spanish occupation, there is talk of the occupation wall, there is talk of Catalan institutions supporting occupation rather than liberation) and on stage they clearly made notable distances with the Junts and the PSC, when Graupera described the Winter Olympics. Hard Rock described it as “corruption projects” and being part of a tourism-dependent economy and they want to bury it. “We should double, listen to me carefully, double the tourism tax. Above all, don’t use it to promote tourism, like now. This is like allocating tobacco tax money to encourage the bastard to smoke!”

The color red dominated the stage, and Mr. Carles Boix, present these days, who was present in the room, said sheepishly that he resembled the image of socialists. And yes, it is true that the severity of the attacks on the Hard Rock Café and the Winter Olympics made the hora far from the image of the party Business friendly.

Graupera, apart from choosing renewable energy sources, wind and sun in a beautiful way (“We camp with Military barracks In a gold mine and Policy They prevent us from digging it”), addressed the thorny issue of Immigration With sufficiently skillful speech. He began with “A country that does not receive immigration is a dead country,” and continued with “Most immigrants enter legally,” but then did not hesitate to say that if it did not lead to political conditions for integration, immigration would end. Until we become Spaniards, and our Spaniards. There will be a fear of becoming a minority in one's country.

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Ponsatti, who became emotional at one point in the speech (when she said that “feelings are very important, but ideas and courage are also needed!”) didn't hog all the limelight, but, she says, she wanted to take charge. To a new generation, because the current generation is considered lost. “Like all of you, I went to size up the lie. I saw that if I helped those who didn't want to change, then all I was doing was helping them take advantage of me,” he said, referring, we think, to Puigdemont. By the way, his name was not mentioned at any point during the event. Not one He implied, without explicitly saying so, that amnesty and pardon were options for personal, not collective, benefit. He said: “From my own experience, the current political class keeps talent away because it cuts off the head, corrupts the soul, and promotes integration with Spain.” Ponsatí, with Alhora, wants to pass the baton to a new generation, frustrated as his own is.

Finally, we must mention the commitment of Julia Ojeda and Alhora to change the current educational model. “The school has lost the ability to create Catalans,” Ojeda said. For this reason they chose two types of schools. The first, where the immersion in the Catalan language is total and voluntary (anyone will go there), and the second, where the current situation will continue, more or less, with Catalan, but also Spanish, as a composite language. They want to prevent the Spanishization of the country that begins in schools, and “we cannot support products made in the Spanish language.”

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Ada Ferrer, and her thoughtful intervention on the economics of happiness (“We are happier if we have confidence in institutions, which is not the case now,” And you We have certainty in the future, that neither this nor that.” Ferrer said: “Now neither the economy generates certainty, nor politics and confidence, and that is why the Hora was born.”

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