Estefania, Roger and Jeremias in the nominations. Floriana Seconds has been eliminated

Estefania, Roger and Jeremias in the nominations.  Floriana Seconds has been eliminated

Isola 2022, April 14: Estefania, Roger and Jeremias are the nominees. Floriana Seconds has been eliminated. Due to a medical problem, Jovana abandons the game, while the fights between the outcasts continue. In particular, Belen’s brother, who asked for his name after his father Gustavo, lost the end of television broadcasts in Playa Sajamada.

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ISOLA 2022, Episode VIII series on LEGGO.IT

01.28 Episode 8 of Island of the Famous 2022 ends here. Monday appointment with Live from

01.20 Nick, the captain, has to make another name and choose the couple Estefania – Roger

01.20 Blasey announces that Jeremias is the favorite for the group

01.17 Return to Playa Sgamada where Gustavo arrived … who was forgotten by Ilary

01.17 The candidate for the group is Jeremias

01.16 Mauro – blind

01.13 Guendalina – Jeremias

01.10 Edoardo – Blind

01.08 Nicolas voted for Armias

01.03 Nicolas in his office… Announcement

01.01 Carmen – blind

01.00 Cucaracha return to submit secret nominations

00.56 Cicciolina – Ermias. Lycia – blind

00.55 Alessandro also voted with Jeremias. Luxuria furiosa: “You are a phony, a true outcast could have helped him resist”

00.51 Blind – Jeremias. Laura – Jeremias too. Ellary asks Jeremias why he asked to be voted on: ‘Since I understand this is a circus. I don’t like reality TV, I want to go home, I didn’t remember it like that.” Blasey makes him talk to his girlfriend, and they both cry.

00.49 Jeremias votes for himself. The vote is obviously incorrect, so he appoints Roger and Estefania

00.44 Roger appoints Licia

00.43 Time for nominations. The team that lost, Tiburon, will make the nominations clear

00.40 Estefania confirms that Roger told him about this ex but not that he promised to get back to her “I don’t know who she is, I don’t know if she’s doing it for advertising”

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00.39 Roger returns to Palapa, and Stefania, thinking that he has not been heard, tells him, “He made you sound like shit.”

00.31 Roger at the Confession Center to confront his ex-wife, Beatrice: “I know you and I know that when you get out of there you come looking for me. I forgot my address. Roger emphasizes past relationship but not love: “When we see each other we always have fun. I didn’t say I love Estefania but I love being close to her.”

00.25 Clip on Estefania and Roger

00.22 Floriana excluded

00.21 The first discarded treasury is Clemente

00.18 Last 30 seconds before closing flash remote voting

00.15 At the studio of Beatrice, Roger’s ex-girlfriend, they’ve been together for two years but in February they went on a trip together

00.13 Nick beat

00.00 The challenge between Nick and Blind

23.59 Time to test the leader. Each clan will elect its own leader who will then have to face the game, and the team’s immunity will be at stake

23.55 Connection with Playa Sajamada. After the draw with the sticks, Marco Cocolo is immune and the TV goes: Clemente, Laurie, and Floriana

23.51 Stephanie as a prize can choose a member of his team and give one in return. Estefania peels off Laura and gives the other Eduardo that he can be reunited with Gwendalina Tavasi

23.45 Vince Estefania

23.42 Guendalina and Estefania in the rotisserie test

23.39 Nicolas: “I’ve lived 40 years without you, I’ll live the next 100 without you Jeremias, no problem”

23.35 Jeremias does not cooperate: «He is right, he is a phenomenon. you are right. I have nothing to say, I have always been honest. Nicholas is a phenomenon, number one to play. I do not want to talk now. I’m not interested in continuing this conversation. Nicholas: “I don’t know why he’s doing that, he shuts down”

23.31 Jeremias: «I have nothing to say, I have already said everything. You are basically right, Vladimir, you are number one.” Nicholas: “I’m not in a fight with Gustavo and Jeremias, we simply did not find each other. I got to know Gustavo as a gentleman, it is not a challenge between me and him. He provokes but always in the context of Isola, it would be a game strategy, there would be no need because Jeremias He is not an idiot and if this intelligence were to use him in the service of untouchables that would be fun. If he was an idiot I wouldn’t waste time talking to him. It’s a game on our nerves”

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23.28 Clip the untouchables who have never met

23.26 Nicolas comes face to face with Blasey: “I’m an old-fashioned Diesel.” Elari tells him that he is about to meet someone who is thinking about his thoughts day and night….unfortunately it is Jeremias

11.15 pm on the beach, Carmen’s team in front of one minute to eat spaghetti

23.07 Clemente arrives on the island with Kaiko and hugs Laura, who bursts into tears

23.04 Vince Carmen, Blasey tells her that she can eat it alone without saying anything to her buddies, except that Di Pietro does not accept: “I’m going to make a sloppy figure”

22.58 A duel between mother and son with a mud basin, a plate of spaghetti ready to grab

Isola 2022, Jovana Djordjevic retires due to a health problem

22.50 Clip on Alessandro and Carmen

22.43 Edoardo Blind is accused of playing “fumantino” only in episodes

22.38 Clemente accepts the challenge, and thus will be one of the three outcasts on TV

22.34 Calling Playa Sgamada, Ilary has two bad news for both: the first is a fast telecast to see who will have to return to Italy, and the second is that Clemente will face a difficult choice. Clemente can take a caiucco, cross the sea and say hi Laura. However, if he accepts, he goes to TV, if he does not accept that he is immune

22.30 The blues collects 17 bags, the yellow 16. Cucaracha wins. The prize goes to them

22.24 First nugget reward test, hitting eggs, potatoes and flour

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22.18 These are the TV percentages: Nicholas 60%, Nick 25% and Gustavo 15%

22.17 The outcast who has to leave Palapa is Gustavo Rodriguez. Beilin’s father gives Judas a kiss to Gwendolyn. It’s obvious that he’s not completely eliminated but will go to Playa Sgamada

22.16 The first discarded safe is Nick

22.14 Last thirty seconds before closing the close-up between Gustavo Rodriguez, Nicholas Vaporides and Nick Luciani

22.12 Edoardo “Since my sister on the first island pretended to be ill because she thought she would eat then…”

22.10 The dispute turns to Blind and Nicolas. After the rotisserie test, Nicola came back very tired, but the group is not with him “he did it to eat”

22.00 The quarrel began in Palapa with the clip of Guendalina against Ridriguez. Gwendolyn: “Relatives are I who rode instead of Rodgers,” Elari Blasey takes care of pregnancy: “Merodriguez”

21.51 The untouchables had to respect strict rules but Estefania violated one of these rules, and thus her group was punished. Firefighting

21.49 Connection with Palapa. Giovanna retired due to a medical problem

21.46 Summary of the week of the untouchables divided into tribes

21.45 Elari enters the studio

21.41 Progress by Hilary Blasey

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The bonus quiz and the leader quiz that will put entire teams against each other will not be missed this evening at Faimos Island 2022.Furthermore, Clemente Russo will be put before a crucial choiceDoes he listen to the heart or does he choose the game?

One of Gustavo Rodriguez, Nicholas Vaporides and Nick Luciani will have to leave Palapa for Playa Sagamada. A new exclusion in Playa Sgamada: The castaway will have to leave the island permanently and return to Italy. Finally, a space for new nominations in a format of two thousand. “L’Isola dei Famosi” screens again on Monday, April 18th.

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