Men and women, the bad evil that slaughtered her: the terrible news a while ago

Men and women, the bad evil that slaughtered her: the terrible news a while ago

Federica Arsano, 28, Tronista of both men and women, spoke about the psychological difficulties that arose after childbirth.

Over the course of previous versions of men and women Viewers had the opportunity to relate to many of the characters who wrote the history of the show. Many fans of the program hope it is too New Tronista It can carve out an important space inside the U&D. Security matters too Federica Arversano28 years old, from Caserta (specifically from Santa Maria Capua Vetere, editor) and former fiancé of Matthew RanieriAs well as the mother of a two-year-old boy born from a previous relationship. Follow Federica Aversano is also approved by her Instagram profile, where she can count on More than 100,000 followers.

Federica Arversano websource

Federica Aversano has a lot of support and there are already many suitors for the tronista. However, in the latest issue of Men and Women Magazine, the 28-year-old wanted to talk about it as well. A very complicated moment in his lifewhere he could see only black.

Saved Psychotherapy Federica Arversano: Her Confession

I have suffered from Postpartum depression and panic attacks They block their feelings.”admitted Federica Aversano, who then outlined how the right course of psychotherapy can help get out of difficulties.

I embarked on the path of psychotherapy which has helped me a lot. Psychotherapy saved me It was the turning point in my life – Troonesta told Men’s and Women’s magazine – I have learned this anxiety if you don’t know it you see it as an enemy, Instead, you have to understand that she is your friendIt’s as if it’s warning you that something is wrong. The solution is possible, but only with the help of a specialist. ”

Federica Arversano
Federica Arversano websource

Then the tronista explained how anxiety is something that does not go away completely, But in the long run it can be managed Which almost made her an ally: for her, in fact, everything changed when she began to see anxiety as a friend.

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“Ricardo Guarnieri? Nice but…”

During the interview with Men and Women Magazine, the 28-year-old also talked about it Ricardo Guarnieriwho showed some interest in him. “It’s cute, but it’s not for me. I’m a determined person and I think he wants a lot of affirmationsFederica Arversano said.

Finally, a review of his experience as a tronista: “I give myself some time. It’s an experience that I live fully, and that I use introspectively – her words – I realize that I have limits and difficulties to overcome. I like some. I hope they will allow me to unlock, as I would like to do with them.”

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