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roma\aise\ Today’s festivities 100 years since the founding of the National Research Councilthat occurred on November 18, 1923. The opening ceremony, which took place at Cnr headquarters from 5.00pm, is only the first in a series of events to take place over the next twelve months.
On the occasion of this anniversary, theScience calendarJournal of the Center’s press office online from todaydedicated specifically to the centenary and Ten keywords Options to track a path along the history, activity and perspectives of the largest Italian research institution, commented by the researchers.
In the to focus Three words entrusted to several directors of departments: Emilio Fortunato Campana (Engineering, ICT, Energy and Transport Technologies) discusses with Cristian Mezzetti, Head of the Office of the Digital Agenda and Transformations “Digital Transformation”; Fabio Trincardi (Earth System Science and Environmental Technologies) stresses the grave state of the planet and the need to change our development paradigm, a warning that includes the keywords “sustainability”, “ecological transition”, “clean energy” and “circular economy”; Giuseppe Piemonte (Biomedical Sciences) instead focuses on Life Sciences and One Health talks about Italian genetics and CNR.
Directors of the Institutes of Cultural Heritage Sciences, Costanza Miliani, and Bioimaging and Molecular Physiology, Danilo Porro, respectively address some CNR projects for “cultural heritage” and the need to protect “biological diversity.” Finally, Francesca Tolf and Francesco Moretti from the International Relations module “Peace and Science Diplomacy” analyze by examining the activities of science diplomacy.
Champions face to face The two artists who were the protagonists of the opening ceremony of the centenary, actress Cristiana Capotondi and violinist Alessandro Quarta.
in Search further We’re talking about the exhibition commemorating Cnr’s first president “Vito Volterra, The Courage of Science”, which runs until November 27 at the Science Festival in Rome. Volterra is also mentioned in the address book Mathematical sonnets by Alessandro Morricone with the poem “When the Science Nun Folds”, and in reviews With volumes The Institutions and Cultural Policy of Fascism (Italian Institute of Germanic Studies) and Opposition to Fascism (Il Mulino). (aise)

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