Cannes Film Festival 2023 Looks: Andie MacDowell 5 Scary, Wim Wenders 8 Perfect, Georgina Rodriguez Clone 4

Cannes Film Festival 2023 Looks: Andie MacDowell 5 Scary, Wim Wenders 8 Perfect, Georgina Rodriguez Clone 4
Wim and Donotta Wenders, perfect: 8

The sky over Cannes is on fire. Ready to welcome the premiere of “Perfect Days,” Wim Wenders’ new effort. As in his films, everything is studied. Even her appearance. Surprisingly, it appears as the “cover” of Friedrich’s enigmatic and wonderful painting The Wanderer on a Sea of ​​Fog. More than just a wanderer, the director appears as a character straight out of a dark Victorian novel. Round glasses, bow tie and with his hand, as a counterpart, his wife, Donuta, in an all-red look. synchronous. The film’s own story, the happy life in Tokyo of a janitor suspended between work and a love of rock music.

Min Tanaka and Aoi Yamada: models 8

Generations of dancers have united in the name of art. The one associated on the one hand with the white-haired and refined Min Tanaka and on the other hand with the representative of Generation Z Trypsicoria Aoi Yamada. Maybe it’s not natural, it’s even a little built up. But not bad here. This is how you face the red carpet. And despite little Yamada’s ability to afford it, she avoids displaying “bits” of nudity to steal an image. A couple may be rewarded with Palmares for also interpreting the “Empire of the High Aesthetic Senses”

Andie MacDowell, Afraid: 5

Only one decade separates them. May Musk and Andie MacDowell. Elon’s mother is 75 years old, while the actress is 65 years old. If a few days ago the first woman had “won” the Monte dei Marche by stimulating the attention of the flashes by presenting herself in the style of Miranda Priestley / Dear Mom, Andie MacDowell proposes again gray hair and a “mother of the bride” dress, with a bow at the neck with “effect Collagen” and extra long sleeves. Mae beats Andy up. No doubt.

Leah Mornar, Mazinger: 4

A model for “été dernier” or an été actuel model for Léa Mornar on the red carp for the movie “Last Summer” by Châtrin Brelat? To be defined… Definitely a tribute to space shoulders à la Claude Montana. Perhaps she is the same one who suggested the space armor for the Japanese manga Star Mazinger. But a touch of irony is missing—the pantaloon is so soft with this Arabian look and side slits. And again a neckline with naughty lapels. Everything is perfect for a fight with Grendizer or Jeeg (who would have definitely won), but in Croisette she has an out-of-focus special effect.

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Georgina Rodriguez, clone or shape-shifter: 4

Transformers are among the magical creatures in the Harry Potter universe. with different values. It is also related to the conscious and unconscious fears of each of us. Like the embodiment of another clone of Kim Kardashian. But it seems so. Here Georgina Rodriguez appears on the red carpet, a kind of Latin version of the businesswoman and model. Just to leave no doubt, she wears, as the Kardashians so often do, a textured gold fabric dress embroidered with gold sequins and gold plating. Part amphora and part mermaid, the end result? Ready to be staged by Madame Tussauds. Which this year will stop hosting all glazed guests at Croisette 2023.

Iris Knobloch, unbiased: 6

What do you do when you’re the head of an event like the Cannes Film Festival? There is neutrality. Thus, Kermis President Iris Knobloch, who served a three-year mandate for the 2023, 2024 and 2025 editions, must have said to herself: “Long dress, austerity and visual. So I put myself between black and white.” Basic check a bit ponziopilatesque. Attractive. But nothing more.

Poppy Delevingne, split: 6

Crop top is in fashion. True to her role as supermodel, Poppy Delevingne, she wears this long-sleeved, wrap-around dress. One might say the heart of a model: She has a macro model applied to her breasts. Then, uncertainly, she wears a long skirt (definitely part of the model), which makes her look divided and the skirt looks independent and flirty. So everyone is a bit confused. In addition, Poppy is so complacent that she rewards herself by dressing herself in gold (like Miss Georgina Rodriguez did), as if it were the Palmares herself. But this is definitely the version of red dresses on the red carpet and gold dresses with an Oscar effect. So? That’s okay too.

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Léa Drucker and Samuel Kircher, complementary: 7

Everything always happens last summer. Even if you don’t go to Marienbad. So it will be on the set of “Last Summer” that Léa Drucker and Samuel Kircher have fine-tuned as complements. Here they are doing the Monte dei Marche in reverse, flawless arm. Here the model that echoes Leah’s siren is well calibrated, and the young actor’s single-breasted Samuel, at 18, wears an “extra brush.” Note: The installation is a single button on one side. If you are a teenager, this is perfect

Clotilde Corot, Lady in Black: 7

Black, classic, suits Clotilde Courot already in Savoy, and for these evenings she carefully chose her looks on the catwalk. The sheer tulle gauntlet/sleeve contrasts beautifully and enhances the little jewels, but it’s very, very appropriate. With a noticeable “specific” weight.

Aditi Rao Hydari, Pringle dress: 5

There was little Masia. But a cute little dress with that ten kilometer train? everyone gone? Then the void was filled by Aditi Rao Hydari, the Made in India superstar, who is loved by the audience for her flirty outfits. food tasting? Yes! Because the red carpet you go and the most delicious dress you can find. Among the most notorious is the 2015 case when Rihanna wore the model that was later renamed the Omelet Dress at the Met Gala in New York. An innovation with an infinite train, but in the form of an omelette made by Chinese designer Guo Pei. Social condition, with different egg tasting paraphrases. Now on Croisette, it was the Indian actress who made her proposal. She wore what might be defined as a Pringle dress because of the color and the skilful interlacing of the drapery, so well matched together that they looked, however, like the delicious mountain of potato chips sold in a cardboard tube. In fact, it must be emphasized that the dress with a train is the result of painstaking work in embroidery and application of small flowers with a geometric line. But… there is always an end effect but remember the rustic potato chips. Perhaps this is also due to the fact that Monte dei Marche is made from aperitif time. If done in the morning, it would be, as Anna Piaggi wrote, “Broche & Brioche” time.

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Raisa Santana Vegetarian: 6.5

Not only supermodels but also beauty queens. Many of these evenings took turns on the red carpet. Here she is, now Miss Brazil 2016, and now model Raíssa Santana. With the appearance of a slightly salad niçoise, it’s a very dietary version. Between the falpalà, the narrow waist and the triumph of tulle, all in a light emerald shade what needs to be said, paraphrasing: “green in the evening, time to shine, hopefully.” Also judging by the wonderful decor on display. Small question: what happened to the brilliant stars many decades ago?

Mademoiselle Yulia, Hieratic: 7/8

strictly from Japan. That’s from Mademoiselle Yulia’s model lines at “Cobweb” (Dans La Toile). Electro embroideries like the music that is the DNA of the former singer and DJ made in Japan. Green wig is the contrasting color that makes all the difference. When it is said that Japanese style teaches.

Katherine Langford, call me Camilla: 4

It is understood that the recent coronation of His Majesty King Charles III and Queen Camilla was affected. But to be inspired by events and characters like these, you have to commit yourself. And many more. Katherine Langford, known from the small screen for her performance in the TV series Thirteen, must have said to herself: “I’m going to be like Queen Camilla.” A precious evening gown on the plateau with a square heel and a page in tow. Off to the Croisette! But the young man does not know how to handle the train, because although she bears the same name as the current Princess of Wales, she does not have the same (apparent) experience in managing the red carpet or formal moments. a result? It’s not a Golden Globe performance like the TV performances that brought her the nomination. Re-read the text and memorize everything.

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