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Belen Rodriguez completely naked. The Argentinian girl shows herself on Instragram covering her breasts with only her hand. Comment accompanying the photo:playing with my pictures. Needless to say, within a few minutes, the post collected a huge number of appreciation among those who write it: “Wonderful” to those who commented: “There can and … she can.” But among the many answers there is a user who says he finds it rather sad.

She herself admitted in a previous post that she was “outraged” by posting a shot of the raging sea. flaw Antonino Spinalbes? A question that no one can answer yet. Between the two – that’s for sure – there is some kind of impulse. However, in the last hours, to restore hope, there is a “like” the model left on the social profile of the partner that he sees with their daughter Luna Maro.

“Like” comes after weeks of silence. In fact, the spouses no longer share photos together and no longer exchange the sweet messages that they exchanged at the beginning of the relationship, when Belin admitted that she had found the man of her life. For her friend, the lonely lonely person, Age difference does not help: lei 36enne, lui 26enne.

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