The price of petrol is 2 euros: the government’s announcement is a shock to motorists

The price of petrol is 2 euros: the government’s announcement is a shock to motorists

Bad news for all motorists regarding expensive petrol: from the new year it has risen to 2 euros per liter and represents an unexpected shock for the millions of drivers facing the crisis.

there crisis The rampant claims more than one victim: the Dear lifeand the increase in bills and prices of consumer goods, including food They really bring to their knees millions of families and citizens of the country, forced to make sacrifices that until now belonged only to the darkest worst-movie scenarios.

Petrol pump –

If we add to this Expensive gasoline Son of Inflation and the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict, the Omelette Is Done: Sadly, however, the bad news is far from over for those who have Machine Or a motorcycle, or even both. In fact, there appears to be one soon A very strong blow starting from the end of the yearwhen the discounts applied to date are reduced by approximately 50%.

In a period like this, it is difficult to make collective and popular decisions that meet all demands Need: from the citizen to the motorcyclist, from the craftsman to the hauler, through the petrol pump operator to my supplier irritable.

The extreme historical connection that makes it necessary, also leads to inflation and war in Ukraine, is another reason Reduction of discount that approached 31% on the price of gasoline. But From December 1, everything changesUnfortunately, not for the better.

Expensive gasoline: That has changed since December

Very new and unfortunately not very good news, the news that matters End of the discount period on the petrol price: from December 1, in fact, the reductions applied so far have been reduced by almost 50%from 30.5 cents to 18.3 cents off for each liter put into the tank.

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Gasoline increase up to 2 euros –

This is what is stated in Dpcm project with maneuver As envisaged by the new incumbent Meloni government: a real hit awaits motorists and motorcyclists, who will see Increasing the excise tax on petrol up to €578.40 per thousand liters and up to €467.40 per thousand liters for diesel vehicles and gas oils used as fuel.

So the cut is clear and decisive: We’re moving on from the current 30.5 cent discount for the distributor (25 cents + VAT cost) to a discount of 15 cents + VAT, for the total 18.30 cents off per liter From refueling done. A severe blow to families overburdened and suffocated by a crisis that has no history of this kind Wallets and nerves frayed from all sectors economic and social aspects of the country.

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