Super League: Civitanova with corrections defeats wicked Modena 3-1

Super League: Civitanova with corrections defeats wicked Modena 3-1

6. Match Day
CUCINE LUBE CIVITANOVA – LEO PERKINELMER 3-1 . shoes (22-25, 29-27, 25-19, 30-28)
Cucine Lube Civitanova: De Cecco 2, Santos De Souza 10, Simon 18, Garcia Fernandez 11, Kovar 9, Anzani 15, Marchisio (L), Balaso (L), Yant Herrera 7, Sottile 0, Diamantini 0. NE Juantorena, Jeroncic , pencil. Blingini flocks.
Leo Birkin Elmer Modena shoes: Musa de Rezende 1, Ngabeth E 13, Mazon 12, Abdelaziz 25, Lille 19, Stankovic 8, Gulini (left), Rossini (left), Van Garderen 0, Njabeth S 0, Sala 0 NE Sanguinetti , Tablet device. everybody. Gianni.
Judging: Vagni, Zavater.
Notes – specific duration: 27, 40, 28, 34; Total: 129′.

Civitanova – Cucine Lube Civitanova still in emergency (without Juantorena and Zaytsev) wins in front of 2,400 spectators in Group D, advantages, a very well-balanced challenge for at least three parts and now leads the joint standings with Trento and Perugia very tightly, albeit with two fewer races in his favour.
Modena, who had started with a thousand wins in the first set (despite 8 fouls in favor of the opponents), at a distance suffered from a Marche victory (9 aces for the hosts with Simon having the protagonist from nine meters with 6 personal points. ; 5 aces suffered Including Rossini) imposed the game but stopped 14 inches Della Lube H Gives up to 33 points of errors. Too many in the challenge separating him from the third team (25-19 lobs), saw the two teams compete in sets always for 2/3 points, with two points partial to advantages.
Simon’s block (18 points, 6 aces, 2 blocks and a MVP award) weighs in on the economy from the final on Modinese’s last ball with Abdelaziz stopping his attack from 1st place, then stopping for two points in a row from Marche who closed the race.
For the Emilians, this is the third defeat in the league with the great or ambitious (Chivitanova) (Piacenza and Monza) in the face of two victories with Fibo Valentia and Ravenna: in the next two challenges there are Trento (at home) and Perugia away, two more heavy test seats.

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In the field – The hosts are still in a state of emergency: With Zaytsev unavailable, Juantorena also raises the white flag of a muscle problem that has tormented him for weeks, leaving room for Jiri Kovar in the 4th place country with Lucarelli. Diagonal de Seco – Garcia opposite setter, Lucarelli and Covar at 4, in the former center Anzani and Simon, the free is Palasso. Modena replies with Bruno Abdelaziz, at 4th place Ngabeth and Lil, in the center of Stankovic-Mazzoni, the free Rossini.

the match – Modena wins the first set and recovers at the start from 2-6, with mazon (5 points, 100% in the first half) who puts his hand at every critical turn. It was his role in the service that the Emilion signed the first half in their favour at 11-13, as well as the two walls that allow Gianni’s team to stretch straight to 16-19 and then block the return of the hosts (writing at 18-21), who attacked with 36% effectiveness against Modena by 55%, and meanwhile threw into battle Yant Gaby Garcia. At 20-24, Cucine Lube unleashes the last pride reaction by nullifying the opponent’s two set points, but the third time nothing an attack can do Tiger (His team’s top scorer in the group with 6 points, 56% in attack) who writes the final 22-25.

Counting Gabi Garcia In the home run in the second set, a real battle of muscles and nerves, it is played point by point down to the merits: the decisive puts him on the ground. Jerry Kovar Morando Irvine Ngabeth NS 29-27, at the fifth setpoint conquered by the Marche (with Yant in the field), which is also shown on this occasion Anzan (6 points, 100% attack and 2 blocks).

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The partial third It starts with an offer from Simon (7 points), who signs 4 consecutive aces and brings Cucine Lube to 7-4. The game soon returns to balance, but Blengini’s team immediately manages to get a fresh break, this time with a counterattack from Lucarelli (10-8), followed by two big games by Jiri Kovar (16-12). It is the decisive escape of Cucine Lube, on which De Cecco attacks with 73% efficiency and who in the final alternate Gabi Garcia (3 points, 67%) with Yant (2 attacks on 2), and introduces the young Cuban into the first line. He is the one who puts the ball on the ground 25-19.

It is also played point by point in the fourth set, which in the epilogue is an illustrated version of the second: in the red and white half, the usual Simon takes the chair and again Marlon Yant (4 points in the set, 80% in attack), with the latter first pulling red and white to 21-18, and then bringing them back to 29-28 after four points were canceled by the Modenese team. until the 30-28 final, which comes with a super wall Kovar (9 points with 4 winning blocks) Higher we fight.


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