“Chelsea offered Werner to de Ligt, and Juventus are close to ending Cambiasso’s transfer”

“Chelsea offered Werner to de Ligt, and Juventus are close to ending Cambiasso’s transfer”

In the opening introduction to serie24.itAnd the Paolo Barggia This is how he talked about the Juventus transfer market: “And during the week, another interfered with one of Milan’s goals: Zaniolo, in which Juventus is trying to throw itself after the week’s match with Roma. The offer is now considered low and non-refundable: 20-25 million euros plus one between Arthur and McKinney.

A clear sign of suffering for Milan but also of trying to restart Juventus despite thousands of economic and operational difficulties. The fact that Di Maria has announced that he still needs some time off and the holidays is certainly not positive for Juve’s image.

And also for reinforcement plans: hence Zaniolo’s attempt, it was said. A week of Juventus meetings: The meeting with the Brazilian lawyer representing Pogba is important to determine the final details.

Equally important is the meeting with De Ligt’s agent who is the same as Pogba’s agent. An official request has arrived from Chelsea regarding De Ligt, with striker Timo Werner in return. The parts are still far away, but the scenario to follow.

Juventus is also active up front, Paredes, an Allegri’s stepson and on the verge of closing out against Cambiasso. It certainly won’t be an easy task, not even the next one, as there are likely to be many players in the market from Rabiot to Moise Kean.

An interactive and positive week for Inter, Lukaku’s return certainly raises appreciation for Marotta’s work: it was sold for 115 million, and resumed the following year with a loan for only 8 million plus bonuses.

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A move that somehow puts Dybala in a corner but we only believe in it for a moment. Because, to close the Argentine, Inter must first give up Sanchez and one between Dzeko and Correa. In the meantime, Dybala continues to stay poised, and somehow and far away, Milan are also starting to think about it.

But only if the Argentine will remain without a team in July and then before he takes less than what Inter offers him 6 million in addition to bonuses per season..

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