Science Festival in Cabras, between conferences and a video presentation of Carita Carita’s editorial


Appointment on Thursday and Friday at the multi-purpose center

Protected areas and sustainable development of environmental resources will be the topics of conferences proposed by the Municipality of Cabras and the Marine Protected Area of ​​the Sines Peninsula – Mal de Ventre Island on the occasion of the 6th edition of the Oristano Science Festival, scheduled for the next Thursday and Friday, November 18 and 19.

On Thursday at 16.30 in the Mena Manca Cossu Hall of the Multipurpose Center, we talk about “Conservation of Protected Species and Use of Technology”, with special reference to iron turtles and sea turtles. The conference is being held by marine biologists Stefania Cuba and Giorgio Massaro.

On Friday, at 3.30pm, again at the Multipurpose Center on Tharros Road in Cabras, the focus is on environmental capital and natural resource management.

WAP Director Massimo Maras will present the results of the Ministerial Environmental Accounting Program in reference to the local marine area.

The conference will witness the participation of the Ministry of Environmental Transformation and the Region, as well as scientific research bodies and institutes that have contributed over the years to the completion of studies and monitoring, and which will participate in presenting the results obtained.

In the second part of the conference, a thematic round table will be held on the importance of environmental heritage for the sustainable promotion of the Territory.

At the end of the two evenings, a preview of the short film “Finally Free!” will be shown. , which was prepared on the occasion of the recent release of four examples of Caretta Caretta, Gavino, Genoveva, Eletra and Azura. The turtles, two of which have always lived in captivity, are under constant monitoring to check their behavior in the wild thanks to the GPS on the shield before they are released.

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Participation in the event is free, subject to green card verification.


Sunday 14 November 2021

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