Franchi Stadium obscures Pnrr. Renzi to Meloni: “Transfer this money, ready to help you”

Franchi Stadium obscures Pnrr.  Renzi to Meloni: “Transfer this money, ready to help you”

An economic plan to relaunch the country. A business that risks blocking all others. Political attractiveness, common sense and thinking. The stadium in Florence and the restructuring to be carried out with Pnrr money have been at the center of political controversy for at least three days. The European Union has in fact rejected the idea of ​​using public money for the stadium in the Tuscan capital “If we understand today, and we can also understand it from this report, that some interventions between now and June 30, 2026 cannot be achieved, which is sporting, and I know that this is the case.” We must say it clearly and not wait until 2025 to open the debate about who is to blame.” Sharp and clear words those expressed yesterday by the Minister for European Affairs, Southern Affairs, Cohesion Policies and the Pnrr, Raffaele Vito, during the control room of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr), held at Palazzo Chigi. A fairly obvious, though not direct, reference to Artemio Franchi.

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From Palazzo Vecchio they argue that there are no real problems, but only some kind of technical-bureaucratic problem with Brussels, which can easily be circumvented. Matteo Renzi also spoke on this topic, for five years the mayor of the city of Dante and Machiavelli and a huge viola fan. Funds from Pnrr should go to public housing, schools, and Cascine Park. Not in the stadium. We risk throwing away eighty million euros. I tell everyone: let’s stop. I make a bipartisan corporate plea to Giorgia Meloni and Dario Nardella: Remove the playground from Project Pnrr. Europe is right not to want to spend taxpayers’ money like this. You have one month to transfer playground money to schools and public housing. Do it, do it together. We’ll tell you the good and give you a hand. As for the Franchi – the leader of Italy concluded FIFA – enough with the excessive power of moderators. The private sector, that is, Fiorentina, must carry out its project by throwing curves and giving the city a stadium worthy of that name, but a stadium that Fiorentina pays for, not the citizens.

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