NOE Chief Talks About Joy-Con Drift –

The President of Nintendo of AmericaDoug Bowser, in a recent interview with The Verge about the work Nintendo is doing to solve a problem the point subordinate Joey Con. According to him, the company is constantly making improvements to its hybrid console controllers, based on the consumption of units shipped for service.

Bowser was also keen to reiterate that the Joy-Con versions of OLED model, the last to hit the market, is now the same as the other models, just to make it clear that Nintendo hasn’t rested on its laurels with this issue.

In short, the battle against Joy-Con drift has been going on since the console’s launch and Nintendo certainly doesn’t want to stop.

For years, Mario’s house has avoided commenting on Joy-Con’s drift, even though they’ve even been the subject of a class action lawsuit. Only recently, with the launch of the OLED model, has he opened up more and started reaching out to gamers to reassure them and explain what he’s really doing to solve the problem.

The Nintendo Switch remains a very successful console, which is fortunately heading towards selling one hundred million units.

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